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In My Progress by Tanya

Hi there!  My name is Tanya, and Not Really Hungry is my blog.  Here you can learn how I’ve lost almost 100 pounds and kept it off. You can read my full (long) weight story if you’d like. I hope to help others with weight loss and maintenance.  I touch on mindful eating, exercise, meal planning, and cooking meals in advance.  I also share recipes, inspiration, and some random thoughts just for fun. For a quick …

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Confessions of a New Mom

In My Progress, Struggles by Tanya1 Comment

I have a confession to make. I used to think tracking/keeping a food journal was easy. I couldn’t understand why people struggled with it. Tracking works. Know the points before you eat it.  Write it down.  Stay within your budget, and you will lose weight. Easy Peasy.  Yeah, I used to be one of THOSE people. And then I had a baby. Boy do I get it now!! It’s not just being busy or being …

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Must Have Thermals for Summer Weight Loss

In Healthy Habits, Meal Planning by Tanya1 Comment

When I come across a product that can make weight loss easier, I have to share it with you! My blog isn’t about selling, but it is about helping. I really believe the thermals from Thirty-One Gifts can help us lose weight this summer! Being prepared is key to my success. When I am not prepared and I get hangry, I make horrible choices. It doesn’t matter how well I’ve been doing or how long …

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Weekly Weigh In ~ 06/28/16

In Weekly Weigh Ins by Tanya1 Comment

Current Weight: 199.2 This Week: -2.8 Total: -46.6 I was expecting to lose, but I wasn’t sure if it would be enough to break into the 100s. I crushed it!! WHAT I ATE: I didn’t eat as healthy as I would like, but I tracked every day this week! We ate out a few times, but I still stayed within my budget. I even ate pizza twice! I ate 2 pieces and had veggies on …

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I’m Back…Sort-of…

In My Weight Loss Journey by Tanya6 Comments

Hey everybody! I’m so sorry for the long hiatus. I had hoped to keep blogging during my pregnancy, but I was just obsessed with all things baby and wasn’t really in the right frame of mind to do it. I had my son in February! He was 3 1/2 weeks early but otherwise healthy. The first couple months were really hard and stressful, but I managed to get back to Weight Watchers in April. I’ll …

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Weekly Weigh In ~ 06/21/16

In Weekly Weigh Ins by TanyaLeave a Comment

Current Weight: 202.0 This Week: -2.0 Total: -43.8 I didn’t think I would have much of a loss if any this week! It was Father’s Day weekend, and I didn’t track a few days. I guess I’m making better choices even on my not so great days. I’m THRILLED with a 2 pound loss! GOALS FOR THIS WEEK: Complete two C25K workouts. I really want to get back to 3 times a week, but frankly …