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ZipList is an awesome FREE service that allows your to save recipes from across the web to one place! You can also add recipe ingredients or other items to grocery shopping lists. They also offer mobile apps to use on the go!  I use the Android app, and it’s pretty and easy to use!  The only thing you need to sign-up for ZipList is an email address OR you can sign in with your FaceBook account.

There are hundreds of recipe sites and blogs that use ZipList, so it definitely makes it easier to keep recipes you find online all in one place. If the site you are using doesn’t already offer the option to save to ZipList, they offer a Recipe Clipper option to save any recipe you find on any site.  Any recipes that I create will be able to be saved via ZipList!

If you have read my other posts, you know that I am already in love with Pepperplate for managing my recipes.  However, the more I researched recipes, the more I kept seeing ZipList.  It is EVERYWHERE!   🙂

When I wanted to save a recipe to try later, I just wanted to know where to find it.  I don’t like putting recipes in my Pepperplate account until I know they are things that I enjoy and will use again.  I’m sure other people may not have that concern, but I don’t want my recipe storage overrun with things I’ve never even tried yet.  That’s where ZipList comes in for me.  I can save an endless number of recipes for later reference with the click of a button!  ZipList then links you back the site where the recipe is located for the full recipe and instructions.

At this time, you cannot add your own recipes to ZipList or edit your saved ZipList recipes.  They are saved as is.  Once I know a recipe is a keeper, I’ll import it (or add it) into my Pepperplate account so that I can add my own notes and edit it to display how I like it!

The ZipList site also links you to tons of recipes and their partner websites where you can find more recipes.  I’m not on the Partner list yet, but maybe someday I will be.   😉

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