You hold the Key to Change

You hold the key

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It’s July.  It’s hard to believe that 2015 is half over.  Are you where you wanted to be on your goals?  I’m not. That’s okay. We still have 6 whole months left this year.  We should NOT want until January to start over.  We should not even wait until tomorrow to start over.  We can start right now.

I know that it might sound easier said than done.  I know that it can seem overwhelming to change because you don’t know where to start.  I know that resistance is everywhere.  Most importantly, I know that doing nothing won’t make you happy or improve your quality of life.

Who is in control?  You are!  Who has the power to change your life?  You do!  Who holds the key to the chains holding you back?  You do!

You hold the Key to Change

There are 3 steps you can take RIGHT NOW to make a change in your life.
1. Start Small
DO NOT attempt to change everything at once. It is overwhelming and leads us to want to give up.  Once you decide to change, it is exciting. We want it to happen overnight, but it won’t. It is more important to make small changes that you can actually stick with long term.

Pick 1 or 2 habits to focus on such as tracking or measuring your food. If that seems overwhelming, start out simply using smaller plates.  You could even focus on just drinking water or getting enough sleep.  Maybe you don’t change anything at first, but you start doing research to make yourself more aware of what you are eating and what you should be eating.

I started with tracking, but it doesn’t matter where you start. It just matters that you start and that you stick with it. Once you feel like your first change is becoming easier, pick another area to focus on.

2. Think Positive
I know it might sound corny, but our attitudes really do make a huge difference in our success.  Negative self talk defeats us before we even get started.  Sometimes we think that we will be happy once we reach our goals, but happiness is not about a number on the scale.  Look for the silver lining and celebrate small victories.  Be proud of your accomplishments, even if they seem small to you.

When I am thinking positive, I make better decisions which leads to feeling better which leads to more good decisions.  If you are feeling especially negative, try to find one thing you are thankful for.  It is hard to be negative when you think about what you are grateful for.

Music can also be a great mood lifter.  Listen to songs that are inspirational or bring up happy memories.  One of my favorite mood-boosting songs is Happy by Pharrell Williams.  You can’t be negative when you are listening to that song!

3. Be Patient
You will not reach your goal overnight. So often we expect ourselves to be perfect once we make the decision to change.  Remember to be as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend.  You may be trying to change a behavior that you have been doing for years!  That is not something that is as easy as flipping a switch. Forget being perfect and focus on progress, not perfection.

There will be weeks that you gain. There might even been a few weeks in a row that your weight doesn’t move an ounce.  Try to think about the long-term goal rather than the short-term goal. Lifestyle changes will bring you significant benefits that mean way more than the number on the scale on any particular day.

You are in control.
You have the power to change your life.
You hold the key to a different future.

Take this opportunity to reevaluate your goals and set new goals if needed. Change is hard at times, but it is worth it.

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