Workout FAIL

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I was planning to work out this morning. I had my clothes laid out and my bag packed. There was nothing standing in my way…except my warm bed.  My alarm went off at 5 and I just couldn’t do it. I’m working the late shift today which means I wouldn’t have to be up until 7:30.  Hmmm…up at 5 to fight the cold or stay in my warm bed until 7:30?!

While laying in bed it was not much of a dilemma.  I don’t recall even really thinking about it much.  But now I’m annoyed because I wanted to work out and this morning was my only shot at it.  I really want to try a Bosu class, and mornings are the only time they are available to me because of my work schedule.  And I’m still tired.  What good was the extra time sleeping when it was interrupted by the alarm and hitting snooze?  Darn it.

Well happy Monday to you! Hopefully you didn’t start your day as I did.   For you morning exercisers out there, HOW do you do it???  I was able to get up to play DDR at home, but the thought of going out in the cold to go to the gym while it was still dark outside was just too much.  PLEASE share your tips!!  🙂

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