Weigh In Reflections

Weigh In Reflections ~ 10/14/14

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I couldn’t face the scale this week. I wasn’t feeling well so I ate an afternoon snack, which I normally do not do on weigh in days.  Plus, I had a rough few days and knew the scale would be up.  I just didn’t want to see the number.  I know that might be wimping out, but it’s what I needed yesterday.  I almost didn’t go to the meeting, but I knew I really needed it. I’m glad I went.  I feel focused to tackle the week ahead with no pressure and no expectations.

Apparently there’s a fine line between motivation and pressure because I have not been doing well under the pressure of Diet Bet.  Knowing that I have to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain date makes me feel like I need to be perfect or work out excessively.  That kind of pressure stresses me out which makes me end up eating poorly, which is the opposite of what I’m looking for!  I’ll lose this last 9 pounds at my own pace.  It may not happen by December like I wanted, but that’s okay.  One day at a time.

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  1. You are winner any way you look at it! You have a lot to be proud of; we certainly are proud of you! You totally rock!

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