2014 Weigh In Recap

Weigh In Recap ~ 2014

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You can see that I didn’t really get serious until August of this year. Prior to August, I barely attended any meetings. I’m so grateful I was able to maintain during that time, but it was harder than it needed to be. I KNOW that meetings help me. I was just letting other stuff get in the way. Once I decided that I was really ready to start chipping away at my last 13 pounds, my commitment to my meetings changed quite a bit!  I only attended 20 meetings (38%) this year.  That will not be the case in 2015!

Date Weight Weekly Total Thoughts
01/30/14 159.2 0.8 -86.6
04/27/14 157.6 -1.6 -88.2 I’m not really sure what is stopping me from going to meetings.  I’m doing okay maintaining my weight, but I really want to be losing!
07/08/14 159.8 2.2 -86.0
08/05/14 158.8 -1.0 -87.0 I attended a meeting this week for FREE!  It’s the first time in a long time I have been able to do that.  I intend to stay free!!
08/19/14 157.8 -1.0 -88.0
08/26/14 158.0 0.2 -87.8 I’m annoyed because I should NOT have gained this week. I was expecting a loss.  I am trying to trust the process, but it’s still SUPER annoying!!
09/02/14 156.8 -1.2 -89.0 I thought it might be a bit more, but this is enough for me to move a marble in my progress jar!!
09/09/14 157.0 0.2 -88.8
09/16/14 156.2 -0.8 -89.6 It’s going in the right direction again!
This week was my 5 year anniversary since starting WW.  I am never going back to how I was before I started!
09/23/14 154.2 -2.0 -91.6 LOWEST WEIGHT EVER!
09/30/14 155.4 1.2 -90.4 I was expecting a loss this week.  I’m not freaking out about it.  I am going to just keep doing what I’m doing!
10/07/14 154.8 -0.6 -91.0
10/14/14 NWI
10/21/14 153.0 -1.8 -92.8 LOWEST WEIGHT EVER!
I finally had a good weigh in after being frustrated for several weeks!
10/28/14 NWI
11/04/14 154.0 1.0 -91.8 I wasn’t expecting to gain this week!  UGH.
11/11/14 152.2 -1.8 -93.6 LOWEST WEIGHT EVER!
I’m only 7.2 pounds away from my personal goal!!!
11/25/14 153.4 1.2 -92.4
12/02/14 153.4 0.0 -92.4
12/09/14 151.6 -1.8 -94.2 LOWEST WEIGHT EVER! 
I’m only 6.6 pounds away from my personal goal of 145!!!
12/16/14 151.2 -0.4 -94.6 YAY! I lost weight the week of my birthday! I worked hard to plan my splurges, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
12/23/14 150.2 -1.0 -95.6 LOWEST WEIGHT EVER! 
It’s been a really long time since I could post “another 5 pounds!”  I’m only 5.2 pounds away from my personal goal of 145!!!

This is the first year I have been truly happy with my progress since 2010! I still need to be more consistent with my exercise, but I’m on the right track again. I lost 9 pounds this year for a new grand total of 95.6 pounds lost! I am only 5.2 pounds from reaching my ultimate goal. 2015 is the year! #gettogoal2015

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