2013 Weigh In Recap

Weigh In Recap ~ 2013

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This recap is pretty short because I only attended 8 meetings the entire year! Technically Lifetime members only have to weigh in once a month, but I know that I need to be there weekly to be really successful. I guess I was still struggling with feeling weird about quitting my part time job with WW.

I also struggled for MONTHS after we found out that we couldn’t get pregnant.  I was eating my feelings and not attending meetings.  I guess I was in mourning for the loss of a future we had been dreaming about.

Date Weight Weekly Total Thoughts
01/08/13 177.4 3.8 -68.4
02/03/13 173.2 -4.2 -72.6
03/05/13 177.6 4.4 -68.2 THIS IS 23 POUNDS UP FROM MY LOWEST WEIGHT!
I’ve definitely eating my feelings because we recently found out that we are not able to get pregnant.  Guess what?  Candy and donuts won’t fix that!
07/02/13 170.2 -7.4 -75.6
08/27/13 165.0 -5.2 -80.8
09/03/13 162.0 -3.0 -83.8
10/13/13 158.8 -3.2 -87.0
12/07/13 158.4 -0.4 -87.4

After a few months of feeling sorry for myself, I started to turn things around. I’m just .4 pounds above my WW Lifetime goal, and 15 pounds down from this time last year! I really still want to get to my original goal of losing 100 pounds. I tried to tell myself it didn’t matter back in 2011, but in my heart it has always mattered. I won’t feel like I’ve really hit my goal until I get to 145!

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