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Weekly Weigh In ~ 07/07/15

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Current Weight: 153.6
This Week: +2.8
Total: -92.2

Weigh In Reflections

I was expecting a gain, but I wasn’t expecting that much. Since 3500 calories = 1 pound, that would mean I ate 10,500 EXTRA calories? NO WAY. That’s just not possible. I am frustrated that I’m back to where I was 3 weeks ago, especially because I am the only one to blame. I am in control of what I’m eating, and I ate terribly a couple days.

I am not really sure why I overate on Friday.  I had a nice relaxing day with friends and wasn’t stressed out at all.  I had been stressed all week and managed to keep myself pretty much in check, so maybe this was me rebelling or something. I don’t know.  I felt awful on Saturday morning, so that led me to get right back on track. I did GREAT with my eating Saturday and most of the day Sunday, but then I went out and had a huge meal Sunday night that was totally over my points.  Ugh.

I just said last week that I was proud of not giving in to the “I’ll start over tomorrow” mentality, but I think I did that this week.  I can’t tell you how many points I used because I stopped counting a few days.  I think Saturday was my best day in terms of eating and tracking.  I did okay the other days, but it was clear that I was still stress snacking even though I tracked it most days.  I am frustrated with myself but I can’t focus on the negative if I want to turn it around.  It’s a new day and a new week. I have a clean slate.

I did not stick to my exercise plan AT ALL.  I sound like a broken record.  Exercise is still the first thing to get cut from my schedule when life gets crazy.  Truly, I need exercise even more when life is crazy.  I just have to get back to making it a priority!  It’s a great stress reliever and it makes me feel better.  I have to remember that!

I earned 20 activity points, but 16 of those points were from Sunday.  On Sunday, I completed a 9 mile run, yard work, and grocery shopping.  I didn’t do ANY of my other planned activities.  I really can’t be running once a week and expect to be ready for the half marathon next month!  I did hit my baseline activity level every other day, so I guess that’s better than nothing!


  1. Stay in control and lose something this week.
    I really want to lose the whole 2.8 I gained this week, but I don’t know if that’s realistic!  I am trying not to put pressure on myself about the number on the scale.  It is more important to me that I stay in control and make good decisions.  Being in control to me means tracking everything and staying within my points budget.  Simple enough, right?  
  2. Use my 49 weekly allowance points but not my activity points.
    Let’s face it. We are going out for my brother in law’s birthday on Saturday, so I am NOT going to be perfect.  I plan to do my best every other day so I can spend my weekly points Saturday night.  I just need to be sure to use flexible restraint and not go completely overboard.  I don’t want to use my activity points because I want those to boost my weight loss.  
  3. Run 3 times and complete toning/strength exercises 2 times.
    I will run Thursday morning, Saturday morning, and Monday evening.   I will complete arm and ab exercises Wednesday night while watching TV, and I will use a fitness DVD on Sunday.

What’s your goal this week? What can you do to accomplish that goal?

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  1. It’s ok to have a “not so good” week; it really is a new day and a new week! Get back in the nutrition battle and win this!

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