Weekly Weigh In ~ 06/28/16

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Current Weight: 199.2
This Week: -2.8
Total: -46.6

Weigh In Reflections

I was expecting to lose, but I wasn’t sure if it would be enough to break into the 100s. I crushed it!!

I didn’t eat as healthy as I would like, but I tracked every day this week! We ate out a few times, but I still stayed within my budget. I even ate pizza twice! I ate 2 pieces and had veggies on the side and used my weekly points allowance for it. That’s why we have those extra points!

I did a C25K workout (W1D2) on Sunday afternoon while Landon was taking a nap. I wanted to do more than once, but even once is progress! I also know that I am more active in general playing with Landon and being up and down with him. I rarely have couch time these days!

I earned 41 Fit Points last week. I’m still learning how the new points system works, so I am not eating any of those points just yet.


  1. Keep tracking in spite of the long weekend!
    I will relax and have fun, but I don’t want the holiday to be an excuse to overeat all weekend long! I want to make smart chocies and indulge on things I love rather than just mindless overeating.
  2. Lose or maintain this week.
    Let’s face it. My schedule will be thrown off, and it will be harder this week. As long as I don’t gain, I will consider it a win.  
  3. Complete at least two C25K workouts.
    I ultimately want to get to three times per week, but I’m trying to take baby steps. I did one last week, so I’m aiming for two this week. I’m thinking Saturday and Monday depending on how things go.

What’s your goal this week?  What can you do to accomplish that goal?


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