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Weekly Weigh In ~ 06/23/15

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Current Weight: 150.8
This Week: -1.4
Total: -95.0

Weigh In ReflectionsWOW!  I lost 2 weeks in a row!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done that.  I also lost more than I was hoping for – yay!  Maybe I got some of the snacking out of my system or maybe I just remembered why I’m really doing this.  I have been feeling very positive the past two weeks, and obviously that helps!

I’m not quite back to my lowest weight (150.2), but I’m only 0.6 pounds away.  Hopefully I’ll get there next week, but I am trying not to put pressure on myself.  I said last week that I have to really want it, and I do.  I had to remind myself a few times this week that “my goal is more important than this snack.”  I do really want it, but that doesn’t make it easy all the time!

We just wrapped up a weight loss contest at work yesterday, and I took 2nd place!  I had only lost 4 pounds over the 12 week contest, so I was surprised that I was able to earn a prize.  We started a new round already, and I have a feeling the competition is going to heat up.  Hopefully that helps keep me focused since 1st place is $140 this time!

I used all 49 of my weekly points and ate 12 of my activity points. I feel like I didn’t need to use ALL of my weekly points, but I was much better at being mindful with my snacking.  It’s not cheating to use them, but I was trying not to use all of them to boost my weight loss.  I’m happy with my loss though, so I guess I don’t need to worry about it.  There was one night that I spent WAY too many points on snacking because I was snacking while tired, but I tracked and measured everything!

I earned 26 activity points last week! I ran 2.6 miles Wednesday, 3 miles on Thursday, and 8 miles on Saturday. Although I didn’t do a formal workout on the other days, I did hit my baseline activity level every other day! I did lots of walking Friday with grocery shopping at 4 different locations. I also did some walking on Sunday at a store we don’t normally go to.  I’m pleased that I completed my 3 runs even though I didn’t get my strength training in like I wanted.  Just like I said last week, I keep thinking about it and not actually doing it.


  1. Stay in control and aim to lose 0.8 pounds.
    I’m trying not to make my goals scale related, but the scale does keep me motivated at times.  It is more important to me that I stay in control and make good decisions, but I would really love to lose that 0.8 pounds.  I think 0.8 is a realistic goal.  That would put me at 150 pounds even, and it would be my lowest weight ever.  
  2. Use only 30 of my 49 weekly allowance points.
    I want to stop using the points just because they are there and start using them for splurges or fun events.  I would rather spend 20 points at once on a big meal than to use 5 or 6 a day on snacks that aren’t really exciting.
  3. Run 3 times and complete toning/strength exercises 2 times.
    I will run Wednesday and Thursday mornings before work, and I have the Rubber City Race Series 8K on Saturday.  I will complete some toning exercises on Wednesday evening (while watching TV), and I will complete one of my fitness DVDs on Sunday.

What’s your goal this week? What can you do to accomplish that goal?

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