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Weekly Weigh In ~ 06/16/15

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Current Weight: 152.2
This Week: -1.6
Total: -93.6

Weigh In ReflectionsYAY!  I lost weight this week!  Considering how much I’ve been struggling the past few weeks, I’m thrilled with a loss of 1.6.  I have 2 more pounds to go to get back to my lowest weight ever and 7.2 pounds to reach my ultimate goal.

I don’t know why it’s been so tough to lose.  I’ve been trying to get back to my pre-Christmas weight for SIX MONTHS now.  Ugh.  Obviously I haven’t wanted it bad enough to do what I need to do.

Back in 2009 and 2010, I lost consistently week after week and didn’t have the kinds of struggles I’ve been having lately.  Back then weight loss was my top priority and everyone was excited for me.  Now I have other things to focus on aside from the weight loss.  Now people tell me constantly that they don’t think I need to lose anymore and that maybe my goal is unrealistic.  I don’t think it’s unrealistic. I think I just have to really want it. I know what to do. I got this.

My meal plan didn’t have me using many of my weekly points, but I did. I used all 49 of my weekly points.  I did much better with my snacking in terms of control, but I still feel like I didn’t need to use ALL of them.  That’s okay. That’s life. They are there to make the plan livable, and it felt totally livable this week!  I didn’t have any major splurges.  We had pizza one night, but the rest of my extra points were used in small doses, mainly on snacks.  I’m hoping to cut back on that this week.

I earned 21 activity points last week!  I ran 3 miles Wednesday and 6 miles on Sunday.  I did some walking on Thursday and Saturday and hit my baseline activity level every other day!  I’m pretty pleased with that even though I didn’t get my strength training in like I wanted.  I really need to schedule all my activity or it just won’t happen.  I keep THINKING about a schedule but I haven’t truly COMMITTED to it.


  1. Stay in Control!
    My main goal for this week is to stay in control.  Of course I want to lose. It would be great to lose two weeks in a row.  I would like to lose 1.2, but I don’t want to make that my measure of success this week.  My measure of success will be sticking to my meal plan and tracking everything.
  2. Use only half of my weekly allowance points.
    I think I often use my weekly points just because they are there and not because I truly need them.  This week I shouldn’t “need” them based on my meal plan.  I hope that by not having them “available” to me, I’ll make better choices.  If I stick fairly close to my meal plan, this goal shouldn’t be a problem!
  3. Run 3 times and complete toning/strength exercises 2 times.
    My running is essential for my half marathon training. I need to start believing that my strength training is essential too!  I know that I need to do it to get the results I want. Do I want the results enough to do something I don’t feel like doing?

What’s your goal this week? What can you do to accomplish that goal?


  1. YAAAAAAAY! See what happens when mindless snacking is controlled! Great job!

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