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Weekly Weigh In ~ 06/02/15

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Current Weight: 152.6
This Week: 0.0
Total: -93.2

Weigh In Reflections

I’m totally fine with maintaining this week. It seems like the more I try to restrict myself, the more I overdo it. I’ve been trying to watch my fruit intake. I’ve been trying to control my snacking more. I’ve been trying to limit my use of my weekly points.

Ya know what? I think it’s just stressing me out which makes me want to eat more. When I was losing the bulk of my weight, I didn’t worry so much about all those little things. I just made sure I stayed within my points and tracked everything. The pressure of being so close to my goal has me over analyzing EVERYTHING!

My meal plan for last week only included 11 weekly points yet somehow I managed to use all 49 of them plus some. Ugh. I earned 20 Activity Points last week thanks to my running on Saturday and Monday. I also hit my baseline activity level every other day, which is great. Although I know I should be doing more than my baseline, at least I feel like I’m breaking even if I reach my baseline. Normally I wouldn’t use my AP, but this week I did. I ate back all 20 of them. Looking back on this I get frustrated with myself, but it’s like I turn my brain off in the moment sometimes. Like I’ve said before, I’m still a work in progress.

I have decided that I need to focus more on exercise and less on my eating. Of course I will still be tracking and staying within my points allowance, but I want to remove some of the pressure I’ve put on myself. I also need to quit worrying so much about the stupid scale. I know that I would rather feel better about the way I look than to have the number on the scale, but it’s hard to measure subtle changes in your body shape. I just have to be patient. It’s been over 5 years…what’s another 6 months? 🙂 I know that I felt my most confident when I was working out consistently, and that’s when I was even heavier than I am now!  My goal was always to lose 100 pounds.  I still want to reach that goal, but I just need to quit making that number my main focus.

What’s your goal this week? Share it in the comments so you are publicly committed to it!
What can you do to accomplish that goal?  How can I help?

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