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Weekly Weigh In ~ 04/28/15

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Current Weight: 151.8
This Week: +0.2
Total: -94.0

Weigh In ReflectionsI can’t be too upset with a gain when it is only 0.2 pounds, especially when I feel like it could have been more.  I used all 49 of my weekly points, all 5 of my activity points, and about 20 more.

This was definitely not my finest week, but there were still many good decisions too. I refuse to dwell on the few poor choices I made.  There were still more good than bad!  The fact that I know I went over by 20 points is a big step.  It used to be going over my points meant a free pass to stop tracking and keep overeating until a new week started. I’ve been trying really hard to break that awful habit!

My workouts were non-existent this week. I literally didn’t work out even one time since last Tuesday.  That’s a problem.  I’m feeling like I’ve lost some of the excitement I was feeling about the C25K and it’s ALL in my head.  I need to quick thinking about it and JUST DO IT.  I know that I always feel awesome when I’m done.  Why wouldn’t I want to feel awesome?!  As I mentioned above, I ONLY earned 5 activity points for the week.  I did hit my activity baseline (on my ActiveLink) 6 out of 7 days, so I guess that’s something!

So now what?  My goal for this week is to stick to ONLY ONE snack in the evening after dinner.  I’d like to save my weekly points for real splurges instead of little snacks here and there that I don’t really need.  That’s hard for me to remember in the evening when I am tired and my willpower is weak, which is why I’m saying it publicly.  I intend to work out at least 3 times this week, and I’ll be happy with ANY weight loss!  It would be pretty cool to lose 1.6 and get back to my lowest weight, but I have to be realistic too.   🙂

What’s your goal this week?  What can you do to accomplish that goal?  

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  1. It is still good; not your best but far from your worst! New week to get back on track back! You can do it; I am pulling for you!

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