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Weekly Weigh In ~ 04/21/15

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Current Weight: 151.6
This Week: -1.8
Total: -94.2

Weigh In ReflectionsI’m pretty excited about my loss this week!  I didn’t weigh in last week, so I’m pretty sure I lost more than that with what I had gained last week.  🙂   Of course I am still not back to my pre-Christmas weight, but at least I’m getting close.  I’m 1.4 away from my lowest weight and 6.6 from my final goal.

I honestly didn’t do anything special this week, so this loss must be just a combination of multiple weeks catching up with me.  I used all 49 of my weekly points, and 1 of my activity points.  My meal plan for last week only had me using 7 weekly points.  I guess I’m an overachiever.

Some might look at the week as a failure because I didn’t stick to my meal plan 100%, but I see it as success.  The beauty of having a meal plan is seeing where I have room to splurge a little and where I need to reign things in.  Because I had all my meals planned out, I could easily see that I had room to try the new hummus chips and guac chips that I found at Big Lots over the weekend.  😉  It is also much easier NOT to snack mindlessly when I look at my plan and know what I’m saving those points for.

My workouts haven’t been great, but I did complete two C25K workouts this week.  I earned 14 activity points for the week and hit my activity baseline (on my ActiveLink) 6 out of 7 days!  I was a bump on a log in front of my computer all day Saturday!

At next week’s weigh in, I am just hoping for a loss of any kind.  I intend to work out at least 3 times this week, and I’ll be tracking like a boss!

What’s your goal this week?  Focus on changing just one thing that you can stick with.  

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