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I was so focused on my plan for my birthday and celebrating my birthday that my meal planning took a back seat this week. I am finding that I feel lost without it though! I am sorry it is late AGAIN, but I doubt any of you are waiting for my plan to decide what to eat for the week. 😀

You can download my full meal plan here, or view the details below.

Snack: (8am)
Banana (0 pp) or Apple & String Cheese (1 pp)

Breakfast: (9:30-10:30am depending on hunger level)
Canadian Bacon & Egg Beaters breakfast sandwich with tomatoes & blackberries on the side – 5 pp
Cranberry Almond Oatmeal w/ hard-boiled egg whites on the side – 8 pp
Cranberry Orange Pecan Oatmeal w/ hard-boiled egg whites on the side – 8 pp
Green Smoothie – 6 pp
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal with pecans & raisins w/ hard-boiled egg whites on the side – 8 pp

The breakfast sandwiches were made in advance & frozen. The oatmeal packets were made in advance for grab and go convenience. I plan to prepare a bunch of my pumpkin pie & apple cinnamon oatmeal Thursday night. The green smoothie will be made Saturday morning.

I like having things prepared in advance so that I can have a variety of things for breakfast. If I didn’t have multiple options made in advance, I’d probably fall back to store bought instant oatmeal or frozen sandwiches. There is nothing wrong with those options, but my homemade options taste better! Plus I feel some small sense of accomplishment knowing that I am eating something I made myself. The most important thing for me is to keep it interesting. As soon as I get bored with my food, I start looking for something else to munch on, even when I’m not really hungry!

Lunch:   (12:30pm) 
Stuffed Peppers – 7 pp (courtesy of my friend Laurie – thanks again!)
Turkey Cranberry (on Flatout Foldit) (recipe coming soon) with pumpkin butternut soup (recipe coming soon) – 9 pp
Four Cheese Wonton Lasagna (recipe coming soon) & Side Caesar Salad – 10 pp
Cheddar Meatloaf (recipe coming soon) & Brussels Sprouts – 6 pp
Campbell’s Creamy Gouda Bisque (canned) & side salad – 6 pp

I know that I keep saying “recipe coming soon” and I haven’t posted many recipes. I really apologize for that. I feel like I have so many things I want to do that I’m having a hard time getting to all of it!!

The stuffed peppers were made in advance and reheated for lunch. The turkey cranberry flatbread was assembled the night before to go with the pumpkin butternut soup that I made a couple weeks ago. The soup was in the freezer so I just thawed it overnight. The four cheese wonton lasagna is leftover from dinner Tuesday night. The cheddar meatloaf was in the freezer from a couple weeks ago. I will thaw it overnight & reheat it for lunch with my frozen brussels sprouts. The canned soup obviously required no prep, but I did have my side salads made in advance and stored in mason jars. This keeps my salad fresh AND makes it so easy to grab in the morning!

Snack: (4:30pm)
Banana (0 pp) or Apple & String Cheese (1 pp)

I always seem to have the same snacks just because they are convenient. I usually eat them in the car on my way to and from work, so portability is more important than variety in this case. 🙂

Dinner:  (6-6:30pm)
Doritos Taco Salad (recipe coming soon) – 11 pp
Four Cheese Wonton Lasagna (9) (recipe coming soon) with Garlic Bread (4) & Side Caesar Salad (1) – 14 pp
Chicken Stir Fry – 7 pp
Fish, Couscous, & Brussels Sprouts – 8 pp
Mac & Cheese with chicken & broccoli served with cornbread muffins – 14 pp
Bacon Ranch Chicken (recipe coming soon) with couscous and brussels sprouts – 9 pp

I was supposed to have the taco salad last week but plans changed, so I had it this week. The meat was already prepared and in the freezer. All I had to do was assemble it before dinner. The four cheese wonton lasagna was made for dinner Tuesday night. (We were supposed to have it last week but didn’t get around to it. I already had the meat prepared and measured out, so I just had to assemble it and bake it!) The chicken stir fry meal kit was made in advance and in the freezer. The fish, couscous, and brussels sprouts were all frozen. The mac & cheese will be made just before dinner. I plan to add chicken and broccoli to mine to make it more satisfying. The cornbread muffins were made in advance and frozen. The bacon ranch chicken will be made just before we eat. Clearly I’m having lots of brussels sprouts this week. I haven’t had them in awhile and I recently bought a couple frozen bags from Aldi! 😉

Snacks:  (8-9pm)
Tea or Coffee Latte made with skim milk – 2 pp
WW Chocolate Caramel Mini Bar – 2 pp
Bagel Thin & Laughing Cow Cream Cheese – 4 pp
Rice Crackers – 3 pp

I’m trying to keep my evening snacks 4pp or less because I want to save some weekly points for my Red Robin birthday burger on Tuesday!


Daily Points+ Usage

Day Points+ Used Weekly Points+ Used
Monday 36 10
Tuesday 32 6
Wednesday 27 1
Thursday 29 3
Friday 30 4
Saturday 34 8
Sunday 28 2

My plan this week has me using 34 of my weekly points+ allowance but 16 of that came out of last week’s allowance since my weekly points for WW run Wednesday through Tuesday. I’ve thought about doing my meal planning Wednesday through Tuesday to make it consistent, but it just seems easier to plan my meals for the entire work week at once. This means that I will only be using 18 of my weekly points Wednesday through Saturday, leaving me 31 weekly points for Monday & Tuesday. I am planning to go to Red Robin Tuesday night for my birthday burger, so I am trying to save points for that. I’d like to have their sweet potato fries for once!!

On my printable meal plan, you can see my full week along with the dinners for both me and my husband.  My husband’s dinners/points are shown to demonstrate that you can make it work even if your other household members are not counting or have way more points that you.

If you are new to meal planning, check out the website Plan to Eat. I signed up a few weeks ago, and I’m loving it. I am still getting all my recipes set up so that I can use the meal planning feature, but I am super excited to start using it. If you are a member (or if you join), please send me a friend request! My username is notreallyhungry. This will give you access to all my recipes and allow me to see your public recipes. Happy planning!

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat


  1. Red Robin is totally worth saving points for; and it’s a free meal (cost is free, not calories)! You are doing a great job!

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