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111714 Plan

I worked on updating my blog to a new recipe layout ALL day Saturday. For some reason, I guess I was stress eating in the evening. I didn’t stick to my plan at all. I’m glad for a new week and a fresh start! I did manage to make more homemade breakfast sandwiches this week that I can’t wait to try! I would like to get the recipe posted this week, but I can’t make any promises because I am busy almost every night this week! 😉

You can download my full meal plan here, or view the details below.

Snack: (8am)

Breakfast: (9:30-10:30am depending on hunger level)
Canadian Bacon & Egg Beaters breakfast sandwich with tomatoes and blackberries on the side – 5 pp
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal (recipe coming soon) with hard-boiled egg whites on the side – 5 pp
Canadian Bacon, American Cheese, & Egg Beaters breakfast sandwich with tomatoes and blackberries on the side – 6 pp
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal with pecans & raisins (recipe coming soon) with hard-boiled egg whites on the side – 8 pp
(weekend) Smoothie Pancakes & Bacon – 7 pp

I made up a huge batch of breakfast sandwiches on Sunday and put them in the freezer.  The pumpkin pie oatmeals were made in advance and frozen.  The hard-boiled eggs are left over from last week.  The pancakes and bacon will be made fresh on the weekend.

Lunch:   (12:30pm) 
Cornflake Crusted Chicken (recipe coming soon) with broccoli and corn – 6 pp
Canned soup – Campbell’s Chunky Sirloin Burger & Vegetables – 7 pp
Sloppy Slaw Casserole & Side Salad – 7 pp
Mexican Meatloaf with Cornbread & Side Salad (with Salsa Ranch dressing) – 8 pp
Chicken & Healthy Weight Vegetables – 7 pp

The cornflake crusted chicken was leftover from Sunday’s dinner. The sloppy slaw casserole is being made Tuesday night. The Mexican meatloaf was made months ago and is the last one out of my freezer. I am filling in the other days with canned soup and pre-cooked chicken and frozen vegetables. Those are things I had already at my house for weeks when I don’t have time or energy to prep as much as I would like. 😀

Snack: (4:30pm)
Apple & String Cheese

Dinner:  (6-6:30pm)
Chicken Stir Fry – 7 pp
Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Chicken Burger & Sweet Potato Fries – 14 pp
Chicken Philly Sub – 9 pp

This is a crazy week because I have things going on the evening 4 nights. I am never quite that busy, and it makes dinner planning a little more challenging. We are eating out 4 times. That used to be normal for us, but it’s not normal any more! That’s okay though. That’s life, and it’s good for me to get practice sticking to my points budget when I am not in 100% control. I’d like to think I can always be in control, but that’s not realistic!

I have meal kits in the freezer for the chicken stir fry and the chicken philly sub. They will go from the freezer to the skillet for quick meals that will be made just before we eat. The chicken burger is a frozen burger from BJ’s wholesale. I will thaw it the night before and cook it just before dinner.

Snacks:  (8-9pm)
WW Chocolate Caramel Mini Bar – 2 pp
Fiber One Cinnamon Coffee Cake – 2 pp
1 cup skim milk – 2 pp
Tea or Coffee Latte made with skim milk – 2 pp

I had a REALLY, REALLY bad week with snacking last week. It frustrates me that I work so hard to make my meals delicious, easy, and filling, and then I blow it with snacks!! There’s no LOGICAL reason for it, so I am going to try good old fashioned discipline this week.


Daily Points+ Usage

Day Points+ Used Weekly Points+ Used
Monday 26 0
Tuesday 26 0
Wednesday 35 9
Thursday 28 2
Friday 33 7
Saturday 28 2
Sunday 40 14

My plan this week has me using 34 of my weekly points+ allowance, which isn’t too bad with all the eating out. This leaves me 15 extra weekly points for unexpected changes or possible restaurant variations.

On my printable meal plan, you can see my full week along with the dinners for both me and my husband.  My husband’s dinners/points are shown to demonstrate that you can make it work even if your other household members are not counting or have way more points that you.

If you are just getting started with meal planning, check out my post on the 8 Step Meal Plan.


  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself; it’s another week to get back to your normally disciplined eating habits. Love you!

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