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Last week did not go according the plan at all!  I was out of a few key ingredients, and I snacked way too much.

This week I have planned out my evening snacks to get it under control.  I also added points+ values to my meal plan to help me better visualize where I am spending my points.  I have to work late every night this week, so I am going for quick & easy as much as possible.

You can download my full meal plan here, or view the details below.  If you are interested in creating your own meal plan, check out my 8 Step Meal Plan!

Snack: (8am)

Breakfast:  (9:30-10:30am depending on hunger level)
Breakfast Sandwich with tomatoes & blackberries on the side (recipe coming soon) – 6 pp
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal with pecans & raisins (recipe coming soon) – 7 pp
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with walnuts & craisins (recipe coming soon) – 7pp
Cranberry Orange Pecan Instant Oatmeal – 7 pp
White Chocolate PB Smoothie Pancakes with bacon – 7 pp
Mushroom Swiss Omelet (recipe coming soon) – 5 pp

This probably looks like too many options, but most of it is already made!  The breakfast sandwiches, pumpkin pie oatmeal, and apple cinnamon oatmeal were made in advance and frozen.  The cranberry orange pecan oatmeal is an instant packet that was made in advance.  The pancakes and omelet will be made fresh on the weekend.

Lunch:   (12:30pm)   THANKS AGAIN LAURIE!
Cheeseburger Mac Attack (Hungry Girl recipe) & Side Salad – 8 pp
Broccoli Chicken Casserole (recipe coming soon) & Side Salad – 6 pp
Sausage Pepper Pasta (Laurie’s Recipe) – 8 pp

The cheeseburger mac attack is left over from last week.  The side salads were made in advance and stored in small mason jars.  I will make the broccoli chicken casserole tonight or tomorrow, and I will share this with Laurie.  Laurie is making the Sausage Pepper Pasta, and she will share some with me! 

Snack:  (4:30pm) Apple or Carrots & String Cheese – 1 pp

Dinner:  (6-6:30pm)

Simply Bake Salmon, Couscous, & Asparagus with oil – 7 pp
All items are frozen! I will thaw out the couscous overnight and cook the salmon and asparagus from frozen just before dinner.

Bacon Tomato Grilled Cheese (recipe coming soon) & Caesar Salad – 10 pp
This will be made just before dinner.  I just have to thaw my bread the night before.

Chicken Stir Fry – 7 pp
The meal kit was made in advance and is in the freezer.  This will be made just before dinner.  

Chicken Sausage Zucchini Pasta Alfredo (recipe coming soon) & Garlic Bread – 12 pp
The chicken sausage is in the freezer and will be thawed out the night before.  The zucchini pasta will be made with the Veggetti and cooked just before dinner.  

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger (recipe coming soon) & Butternut Squash Fries – 16 pp
The burger patty is in the freezer and will be thawed out the night before.  The bacon, burger, and fries will be cooked just before dinner.  I am hoping to cut up the squash the night before to save time.

Little Caesar’s Deep Dish Pizza, Crazy Bread, & Side Salad – 15 pp
Obviously this is a take out meal.  I just wanted to remind everyone that you CAN splurge on items like burgers and pizza and still lose weight!

Snacks:  (8-9pm)

Skim Latte & WW Chocolate Caramel Mini Bar – 4 pp
Hot Tea & Fiber One Cinnamon Coffee Cake – 2 pp
Pumpkin Spice English Muffin with Maple Peanut Butter – 6 pp (splurge!!)
Skim Milk (1 cup) & 1/2 Cookies & Cream Quest Bar
Skim Latte w/ WW caramel latte smoothie mix & WW Chocolate Caramel Mini Bar – 6 pp (splurge!!)

I haven’t planned my evening snacks this specifically before, and I am always struggling to control them.  Hopefully by planning what I will have, I will be less tempted to over do it.  It’s pretty obvious that I like having something sweet at night.  This snack is usually NOT about hunger!  However, I was mindful about trying to work in some dairy with my snacks where I could.  I don’t always get my 2 dairy servings in, but this week should be better!


Daily Points+ Usage

Day Points+ Used Weekly Points+ Used
Monday 26 0
Tuesday 26 0
Wednesday 26 0
Thursday 34 8
Friday 32 6
Saturday 32 6
Sunday 35 9

For my fellow WW members out there, I thought you might appreciate seeing this.  My daily points+ target is 26. My plan this week has me using 29 of my weekly points+ allowance.  I normally use ALL 49, so I’m feeling pretty good about these numbers.  I can’t even believe that I have 3 days in a row using none of my weekly points!  I don’t think I am getting my healthy oils and dairy requirements every day, but I’m working on it!

This also shows me that I have the room in my points budget to work the oils in. I always feel like I don’t have room for them. The truth is that my evening snacking usually takes up too many of my weekly points, which leaves me feeling like I don’t have room for the WW good health guidelines and splurges.

This just reminds me that I have the power to choose where I am spending my points.  By forcing myself to put my snacks in my plan and post it on my blog, I found myself really thinking about what I was choosing to have for my evening snack.  Not only did I make better choices, I am holding myself to 1 snack.  I really DO NOT need 3 snacks in 3 1/2 hours between dinner and bedtime!!  (Duh!)


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