Weekly Meal Plan ~ 09/15/14

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You can download and print my meal plan calendar by clicking here, or you can view my meals in a list format below.

Having a meal plan makes my weeknights SO much easier.  I can look at the plan to see what I need to pack for work the next day as well as what I might need to thaw out for dinner.  It also helps me plan my grocery list because I know that I need to buy items to complete my meal plan.  This prevents impulse buys while shopping.  Well, at least for the most part.   😉

Snack: Banana  (8am)
I have this every morning to curb my initial hunger pains, and to tide me over to my larger breakfast.  I used to have breakfast first and then a mid-morning snack, but I have found this option to work better for me.

Breakfast:  (10am or before)
Ham, Egg, & Pepper Jack English Muffins with tomato slices and blackberries
Refrigerator Oatmeal – Apple Cinnamon or Blueberry
Instant Oatmeal – Cranberry Almond
Smoothie Pancakes (weekend only)
Omelets (weekend only)
The breakfast sandwiches and refrigerator oatmeals were made in advance and frozen.  The instant oatmeal packets were made in advance and added to hot water at work.

Lunch:   (12:30pm)
Mason Jar Chef Salads
Zazzled Up Zuppa & Side Salad
The salads and the soup were made in advance on the weekend.

Snack: Apple & String Cheese (4:30pm)
I eat this on my way home from work so that I am not starving when I get home.  This allows me to hold off on dinner until around 6pm also.  If I eat dinner too early, I have a harder time avoiding the night time snacking.

Dinner:  (6pm)
Zucchini Pizza   (sauce made in advance)
Mason Jar Salad  (made in advance)
Chicken Stir Fry   (stir fry meal kit prepared in advance)
Chicken Pepper Enchiladas
Chicken Philly Open Faced Sub
My hubby and I do not always eat the same thing (long story), but I try to make things that coordinate.  On my downloadable meal plan, you can see my dinners along with his.

Snack: Fiber One Coffee Cake, WW Mini Bar, Popcorn, etc…
The evening snack varies quite a bit depending on how many points I have left, how busy I am, and what I’m in the mood for.  This is also the most dangerous time of day for me, so I have to be careful not to over do it.

I would like to give you more details and links to recipes, but I am already up later than I should be.  😀   I will update the post later with more details.  Please post your questions, and I’ll try to address those with my update as well!

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