Weekly Meal Plan 06-01-15

Weekly Meal Plan ~ 06/01/15

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I was busy with meal prep on Sunday! I made 2 batches of spinach feta egg muffins, 12 breakfast sandwiches, 3 servings of pancakes, and 10 chicken stir fry kits all for the freezer. I also portioned out 18 servings of frozen berries & 10 servings of frozen mushrooms for future meals.  For dessert, I tried a recipe for a homemade Wendy’s frosty, but I wasn’t that impressed with it.  By the time I was done with all of that cooking, I didn’t have the energy to get my meal plan done Sunday night.  I finished it up Monday morning but haven’t had the time to get it posted until now!

If you want to save or print the meal plan for reference, just click the photo for the PDF version!
Weekly Meal Plan 06-01-15

BREAKFAST: The spinach feta egg muffins were made over the weekend, with leftovers frozen for later.  The apple cinnamon oatmeal, salted caramel oatmeal, and the canadian bacon egg white sandwiches were made in advance and frozen.  I am planning a longer run Saturday morning, so I planned for snacks during the run and a protein shake after the run.

LUNCH: The turkey tomato bisque, white veggie lasagna, sloppy joe meatloaf, four cheese wonton lasagna, and mom’s meatloaf were all made in advance and already in my freezer.  The bruschetta chicken was purchased already frozen and will be baked just before lunch.  The turkey sandwich will be put together just before lunch on Sunday.  I have bread in the freezer that I will thaw Sunday morning.  The side salads were made in advance over the weekend and stored in pint-size mason jars for freshness.

DINNER: The fish dinner I had consisted of breaded pollock and haddock, both of which were purchased already frozen.  The sweet and salty vegetables were roasted just before dinner.  Jimi’s chicken and fries were purchased already frozen.  The amazing strawberry chicken poppyseed salad was from Panera.  It is a huge salad for only 9pp.  I can’t wait to have another one!  Our tacos/burritos will be assembled just before dinner, but I have taco meat, rice, and 100 calorie guacamole packs already in the freezer. The burgers will be cooked just before dinner, but I have the burger patties and buns already in the freezer.  I have meal kits already in the freezer for my chicken stir fry, Jimi’s teriyaki chicken, and the chicken philly and steak and bacon subs.  The bacon ranch chicken will be prepped and baked fresh on Sunday, with leftovers for the freezer.

SNACKS: My snacks are staying the same this week.  I don’t always stick to it 100%, but it still helps me to have a plan.  When I have a snack planned, it helps cut down on the browsing in my pantry which can sometimes lead to poor choices.  Most mornings, I have a banana in the morning on my way to work.  I have my apple and string cheese on the way home from work so I’m not starving before dinner.  Then in the evening I’ll have my treat snack of a mini dessert bar and occasionally popcorn or chips.

Daily Points+ Usage

Day Points+ Used Weekly Points+ Used
Monday 27 1
Tuesday 31 5
Wednesday 27 1
Thursday  28 2
Friday 26 0
Saturday 27 1
Sunday 27 1
TOTAL (Wednesday-Sunday): 5

My plan this week has me using 5 of my weekly points+ allowance. This leaves me with 44 weekly points for last minute changes/additions/splurges and for use on Monday/Tuesday of next week. (My weekly points run Wednesday through Tuesday since I weigh in on Tuesday nights.)  Last week my plan only had me using 11, yet somehow I managed to use all of them with eating out and snacking that wasn’t planned. SIGH.  The silver lining is that I could have planned to use all my of weekly points and then STILL been over due to eating out etc.  The plan helps even when I don’t stick to it 100%!

How does meal planning help you?  Share your tips in the comments below!

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