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Weekly Meal Plan ~ 04/06/15

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I have some new recipes on my plan this week – yay!  I’ve been experimenting with several new recipes that I am excited to share with you! I also still have a bunch of my favorite recipes that I need to get posted. I’ll try to be more diligent with getting recipes out to you because I know that figuring out what to eat to lose weight can be a challenge!

If you want to save or print the meal plan for reference, just click the photo for the PDF version!

Weekly Meal Plan ~ 04/06/15

BREAKFAST: The overnight oats will be mixed up Sunday for the week. The canadian bacon/egg white breakfast sandwiches and the spinach feta egg muffins were made last weekend and frozen.

LUNCH: The four cheese wonton lasagna, sloppy joe meatloaf, and meatloaf/ couscous/brussels sprouts meals were made in advance and frozen. The eggplant burger was purchased pre-made and frozen. The tropical green smoothie and turkey tomato bisque will be made on Saturday.

DINNER: The orange cod was purchased already frozen. This is something new I’m finally trying. I was supposed to have it a couple weeks ago and we went out to dinner instead. 🙁  The Doritos taco salad will be made just before dinner, but I have taco meat already cooked and in the freezer. The chicken stir fry will be made from a meal kit and cooked just before dinner. The grilled cheese, pizza, cheeseburgers, and chicken will be cooked just before dinner. However, I have many components of these meals already prepped and in the freezer such as bread for grilled cheese, italian beef/sausage and crust for pizzas, hamburger patties, hamburger buns, and couscous.

SNACKS: I have a couple small splurges planned with my snacks like chips and donut cereal, but overall I am keeping the snacks reigned in!

Daily Points+ Usage

Day Points+ Used Weekly Points+ Used
Monday 28 2
Tuesday 30 4
Wednesday 28 2
Thursday 27 1
Friday 28 2
Saturday 35 9
Sunday 27 1
TOTAL (Wednesday-Sunday): 15

My plan this week has me using 15 of my weekly points+ allowance. This is pretty low for me because I usually eat all of my weekly points.  I’m trying to teach myself that just because I have the points, doesn’t mean I HAVE to eat them if I don’t need them.  We don’t have any major events planned this week, so there’s no need to use them all.  This plan leaves me with 34 weekly points for last minute changes or additions.  Having this flexibility makes it easier for me to stay within my points budget because then I don’t freak out if something changes at the last minute.  🙂

Have you tried meal planning yet? It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can use one of my free meal planning templates or try the 30 day trial at Plan to Eat.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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  1. Looks like a good variety, and, it’s out early! I think you will have a great week!

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