Weekly Meal Plan 03/09/15

Weekly Meal Plan ~ 03/09/15

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My plan this week is pretty basic. I wasn’t in the mood to do anything fancy, so I’m mostly eating things that I already had or were already made. I really need to start trying new recipes because I am getting bored, but it just won’t be this week. 🙂

If you want to save or print the meal plan for reference, just click the photo for the PDF version!

Weekly Meal Plan ~ 03/09/15

BREAKFAST: The breakfast sandwiches and pumpkin pie oatmeal were made in advance and frozen. The cranberry almond and cranberry orange pecan oatmeals are homemade instant packets that were made weeks ago.

LUNCH: The four cheese wonton lasagna is leftover from dinner on Sunday. The chili, white veggie lasagna, mexican meatloaf, and pumpkin butternut soup were all made in advance and frozen. The eggplant burger was purchased already frozen. The side salads were made in advance and stored in mason jars to keep them fresh.

DINNER: The fiber one chicken strips were made in advance and frozen. The chicken stir fry and chicken philly subs will be made from meal kits that are already in the freezer. The pancakes, eggs, and bacon will be cooked just before we eat. The cornflake crusted chicken will also be made just before dinner. I also intend to make extra cornflake chicken for the freezer! (I was supposed to make this last week but ran out of chicken!)

SNACKS: I’ve been doing terrible with my evening snacking, so this week I’m trying to elminate the dessert at night. I don’t need it, and I need to work on changing the behavior because one snack leads to two or three!

Daily Points+ Usage

Day Points+ Used Weekly Points+ Used
Monday 26 0
Tuesday 26 0
Wednesday 28 2
Thursday 31 5
Friday 34 8
Saturday 40 14
Sunday 30 4
TOTAL (Wednesday-Sunday): 33

My plan this week has me using 33 of my weekly points+ allowance Wednesday through Sunday. This leaves me with 16 weekly points for changes, unexpected additions, or for use on Monday or Tuesday of next week. (My weekly points with WW run Wednesday through Tuesday.)

Have you tried it yet? It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can use one of my free meal planning templates or try the 30 day trial at Plan to Eat.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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