Meal Plan 02-23-15

Weekly Meal Plan ~ 02/23/15

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I did pretty well eating my oil and dairy servings last week, so I’m making an effort to do it again this week.  Weight Watchers isn’t just about counting points…it’s also about eating for good health.  Many of us choose to ignore the recommended good health guidelines at times (myself included) as long as we are staying within our points budget.  I know there will be weeks where my schedule or lifestyle will make it harder, but I feel like I need to make more of an effort to focus on the health benefits the majority of the time.  You should see that reflected in my meal plan this week.  (My husband’s dinners/points are on the meal plan to show that you can make it work even if your other household members are not counting or have way more points that you.)

If you want to save or print the meal plan for reference, just click the photo for the PDF version!

Weekly Meal Plan ~ 02/23/15
The pumpkin pie oatmeal, apple cinnamon oatmeal, and breakfast sandwiches were made in advance and frozen.  The pancakes are from a mix and will be made fresh on the weekend.

LUNCH: The turkey meatloaf, pumpkin butternut soup, and turkey tomato bisque were all made in advance and were already in the freezer. The spaghetti squash was cooked in the crock pot Sunday, and the chicken sausage was frozen.  The grilled cheese and chicken & veggies lunches will be made fresh on the weekend.  The side salads were made in advance and stored in mason jars to keep them fresh.

DINNER: The chicken stir fry and chicken teriyaki sub will be made from meal kids that are already in the freezer.  (The chicken teriyaki is a variation on the chicken philly sub.)  The burrito bowl will be assembled just before dinner, but I already have shredded Mexican chicken, cilantro lime rice, and 100 calorie guacamole packs in the freezer.   The  four cheese lasagna will be made just before we eat.  (We were supposed to have it last week and didn’t.)  The ground beef for the lasagna was made in advance and frozen.

SNACKS: As usual, I’m having bananas, apples, and string cheese for my snacks throughout the day. I am going to really try to stick to my planned snacks this week by again having either a Weight Watchers chocolate caramel mini bar or a Fiber One cinnamon coffee cake along with my latte (tea or coffee mixed with 1 cup skim milk).

Daily Points+ Usage

Day Points+ Used Weekly Points+ Used
Monday 26 0
Tuesday 29 3
Wednesday 35 9
Thursday 32 6
Friday 39 13
Saturday 37 11
Sunday 31 5
TOTAL (Wednesday-Sunday): 44

My plan this week has me using 44 of my weekly points+ allowance Wednesday through Sunday. This leaves me with only 5 weekly points for changes, unexpected additions, or for use on Monday or Tuesday of next week. (My weekly points with WW run Wednesday through Tuesday.)

I’m going out to dinner 3 times this week, so sticking to my plan the rest of the week will be important.  If I didn’t look at my week and make this plan, how would I have known which days I needed to have a lower point breakfast and lunch?  How would I know to skip the treats at work so I could save my points for those restaurant meals?  Before I started meal planning, it seemed like that would happen all the time.  I would use my weekly points on something and then realize I didn’t have enough left for what I wanted to eat at the restaurant.  That’s pretty annoying, left me tell you.

It is SO helpful to me to have a plan. It is easy to shuffle things around when I have my whole week laid out in this way. It also makes it much easier to remember what needs thawed out the night before and what to pack for my lunch!

Have you tried it yet?  It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  You can use one my of templates or try the 30 day trial at Plan to Eat.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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  1. Good job posting this on time! Take some time off for you, and start that new book; you have my permission!

    1. Author

      I didn’t take any time off to start the book because I was cooking meatloaf and cupcakes for Dad’s birthday! I STILL haven’t started the book, but I will HAVE to carve out time soon because the book club starts next week! 🙂

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