Weekly Meal Plan ~ 01/19/15

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011915 PlanI had a busy weekend and didn’t get much meal prep done. These are the times I’m thankful that I have my freezer stocked!

You can download my complete meal plan for reference or you can view the details below.

Snack: (8am)
Banana or String Cheese

Breakfast: (9:30-10:30am depending on hunger level)
Breakfast Sandwich – Canadian Bacon & Egg Beaters on English Muffin with tomatoes and blackberries on the side – 5 pp
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (recipe coming soon) with fresh apple – 4 pp
Cranberry Almond Oatmeal with hard-boiled egg whites on the side – 8 pp
Cranberry Orange Pecan Oatmeal with hard-boiled egg whites on the side – 8 pp
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal with pecans & raisins – 7 pp
The breakfast sandwiches were in the freezer from last week. The apple cinnamon & pumpkin pie oatmeals were made in advance and frozen. The homemade instant oatmeal packets were made several weeks ago.

Lunch:   (12:30pm) 
Turkey Breast and cheddar on Flatout Foldit & Side Salad – 9 pp
Spaghetti Squash with pasta sauce & tomato basil chicken sausage – 5 pp
Mexican Meatloaf & side salad with Salsa Ranch Dressing– 5 pp
Turkey Tomato Bisque & Side Salad – 8 pp
Mexican Chicken Soup – 7 pp
The turkey breast roast was made by my mother-in-law and shared with me – yay! The spaghetti squash was cooked in the crockpot on the weekend. The tomato basil chicken sausage was frozen. The mexican meatloaf, turkey tomato bisque, and mexican chicken soup were all made in advance and frozen.

Snack: (4:30pm)
Apple & String Cheese – 1 pp
Banana – 0 pp

Dinner:  (6-6:30pm)
Maple Glazed Salmon, Couscous, & Asparagus – 8 pp
Pancakes, Scrambled Egg Beaters with cheese, & bacon – 14 pp
Chicken Stir Fry with Brown Rice Crackers – 10 pp
Turkey Meatloaf & broccoli – 4 pp
Bruschetta Stuffed Chicken with whole wheat pasta & garlic bread – 12 pp
The salmon, couscous, & asparagus were all frozen. The chicken stir fry meal kit and turkey meatloaf were made in advance and frozen. The pancakes, eggs, & bacon will be made just before dinner. The bruschetta stuffed chicken was frozen. The pasta and garlic bread will be made just before dinner.

Skim Latte – 2 pp
WW Chocolate Caramel Mini Bar – 2 pp
Carrots & Black Bean Hummus – 2 pp
Rice Cakes – 4 pp
Fiber One Cinnamon Coffee Cake – 2 pp
Popcorn – 3 pp
Hummus & Crackers – 6 pp
I really struggled to plan my evening snacks this week because I couldn’t make up my mind. I just scheduled a whole bunch of different things to prevent boredom and to give me a budget to aim for.


Daily Points+ Usage

Day Points+ Used Weekly Points+ Used
Monday 27 1
Tuesday 28 2
Wednesday 34 8
Thursday 33 7
Friday 31 5
Saturday 32 6
Sunday 31 5
TOTAL (Wednesday-Sunday): 31

My plan this week has me using 31 of my weekly points+ allowance Wednesday through Sunday. This leaves me with 18 points for changes or for use on Monday or Tuesday of next week. (My weekly points with WW run Wednesday through Tuesday.)

On my printable meal plan, you can see my full week along with the dinners for both me and my husband.  My husband’s dinners/points are shown to demonstrate that you can make it work even if your other household members are not counting or have way more points that you.

I hope you find my plans helpful. Let me know what you would like to see more or less of!  🙂


Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat


  1. Those pre-stocked meals come in handy when you have a tight schedule. Good job!

  2. This is awesome! Nice work girl! I’m really loving the detail you include with the meal planning and the pics of the meals, etc. Nicely done.

    1. Author

      Thanks Uncle Les! I’m glad someone appreciates the detail. Sometimes I worry that I give too much info because that’s what I would want to see!!

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