Water Splash & Dash 5K

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I ran another 5K today.  I was by myself again, so it was pretty boring and awkward before and after with no one to talk to. I’m not really a fan of that aspect of races!  It wasn’t my best race, but I was still pleased with my time of 29:58.68 because I was still under 30 minutes!  I finished 5th of out 8 in my age group.

On a side note, if you ever participate in a race, don’t EVER stop just as you cross the finish line because you might get run over.  When I see the finish line, I take off in a full sprint, especially if I’m close to the time I’m trying to hit.  I can’t exactly put on the brakes if someone stops in front of me.  This guy almost ate pavement.   😀

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