Training, Meetings, & Nerves

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If you were to look at my calendar for the past few months, you would see nothing but work.  I’m working at Weight Watchers any chance I get (as my 2nd job) on top of working 40 hours at my “real” job.  I have been working as a receptionist, filling in as a leader when other leaders need a sub, working drop-in hours, acting as location coordinator for one of our centers, and serving on a task force.  Whew!  It’s no wonder I’m tired.  And when I’m not at WW, I am thinking about it or preparing for it or reading an email about it.  It’s consuming me.

With ALL these hours and exposure to all things WW, you would think that I would be totally comfortable in front of a group, but I’m not.  I’m still terrified.  Next week I start my OWN meeting.  Yes, that’s right, a meeting where I am the leader, not just filling in for a week for another leader.  It is very exciting but very scary.

What if people don’t come? What if people don’t participate? What if I freeze in front of the room?  What if people don’t relate to me?  What if they don’t talk and I just keep rambling?  In my training, I was reminded that I am just the facilitator.  It’s my job to get the group to share, not to give a personal lecture each week. Hopefully the nerves will go away after a few weeks…

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