The Scale Sucks!

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ww scaleYep. The scale sucks! It’s week 2 of the new plan and I gained .4!  Seriously?!  I feel like I ate healthier but yet I didn’t lose.  And, yes, I didn’t work out much but I had weeks on the old plan when I didn’t work out but still lost by controlling my diet. I’m so frustrated!!!  I feel like I have too many points and I don’t trust the plan like I used to.

I am aggravated with a big change like this going into the holidays!!!  I don’t want to worry that my plan is not working during the hardest time of the year.  I know it is only .4, but I wanted to lose BEFORE my birthday and Christmas so I wouldn’t be worried over those two weeks.  I am going to try to hang in there and let the program catch up to me, but I really feel like just going back to the old plan that I am so comfortable with!  (By the way, that’s not MY weight in the scale pic – I only wish!)

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