Sunday Nights

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So, it’s Sunday night. Obviously that means the new work week starts tomorrow.  (Insert heavy sigh here.)  It happens every week and yet every week I somehow think I can escape it if I don’t go to bed on time. As soon as I go to bed, it’s like admitting defeat to the inevitable.  I know it’s ridiculous logic, but there it is!

Anyway, my hubby and I are watching a show before I cave in and go to bed two hours late.  He is having a bowl of cereal.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with that.  Yet I feel a little jealous. It’s silly.  He has the points left for the day and I don’t.  That makes sense. He’s a foot taller than me so clearly he should eat more than me!  Logically I know that, but I still feel jealous!  I also have an urge to eat while watching TV for no apparent reason. I found myself looking in the fridge before we started the show and the funniest thing happened. I realized I’m NOT REALLY HUNGRY!!

I had a satisfying dinner. I also had a huge apple and a single serving of pretzels since then. It’s now after 11pm. Do I really need any food?  What do I need energy for? I don’t need to fuel up for sleeping!!

So, I am now daintily sipping a decaf hazelnut coffee sans cream and thoroughly enjoying it.  Yet I keep thinking about eating. But I am in control and I will remind myself that I’m NOT REALLY HUNGRY!!

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