Snack Attack Week 2

Snack Attack Week 2

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I started a 30 Day Challenge for myself on May 19. You can read about my motivation in my Confessions of a Late Night Snacker post.  I’m late AGAIN posting my weekly recap, probably because I’m not exactly proud of my week AGAIN. Sigh.

Snack Attack Week 2



  • Only one PLANNED snack after dinner
  • No eating in front of the TV
  • Journal daily (privately or in FaceBook group) about feelings related to snacking

I’m pretty sure I failed to meet all of goals this week, and I started my week out with a huge fail.


DAY 1 – MAY 26
I worked at a school today as a volunteer for Junior Achievement. I had been really nervous about it and was exhausted with a raging headache when I was done. I had a good weigh in but blew it on the way home. I was so tired that I couldn’t even be bothered to put food in the microwave. If I was only feeding myself maybe I would have, but I doubt it. So I stopped at Little Caesars and bought deep dish pizza and crazy bread. I ate in front of TV and then continued snacking. It was seriously out of control. At one point my husband even asked if I was still trying not to snack in front of the TV. I told him yes but that I didn’t care at that point AND I CONTINUED THE BEHAVIOR. If recognizing what I am doing isn’t enough to get me to stop, what is?!

DAY 2 – MAY 27
Today was the start of a new week for Weight Watchers. After the disaster last night, I was determined to stick to my plan. I did really well. I played on my tablet all evening INSTEAD of eating while my hubby was channel surfing! I had my planned snack and that was it. Yay for me!

DAY 3 – MAY 28
Today was pretty decent. At work there was a birthday cake AND 2 dozen donuts in the kitchen. I knew the donuts were coming and thought about having one but decided I should have my nutritious and delicious breakfast first. After my salted caramel oatmeal, I didn’t care about the sweets in the kitchen. After lunch I decided to have 1/2 of a plain glazed donut. I had looked up the points and tracked it BEFORE I ate it. I am totally ok with my choice because it wasn’t an impulse or out of control moment. I thought it out and knew I had room in my week for it. I’m happy to have these treats sometimes as long as I have the right attitude!

We went out to dinner, but I looked everything up and tracked it. I did have 2 snacks instead of 1, but I tracked them both. The disappointment was that I ate them while watching TV, which I am not supposed to do!

DAY 4 – MAY 29
Again, I ate more than one snack, and I ate in front of the TV. In fact, I had FOUR snacks. SMH. I tracked it all and didn’t stuff myself or feel out of control, but I know that I didn’t need it!

DAY 5 – MAY 30
I was feeling really snacky after lunch, but I knew that I was tired, not hungry. So I took a nap! Why not? It is Saturday after all. Snacking to stay awake isn’t a good strategy.

We went out to dinner again but I did well looking it up and tracking it again. I didn’t use that as a reason to go crazy. I did AGAIN eat more snacks than I needed, but I tracked everything and had the weekly points for it!

DAY 6 – MAY 31
I felt tired all day, and I’m not sure why. I did great all day and at dinner but then killed about 10 points between 9 and 11pm. UGH! I was in control and tracked everything so I wouldn’t say it was a binge but there was no reason for it. I should have just gone to bed.

DAY 7 – JUNE 1
I worked out, had dinner, and had my snack all as planned. I was sitting on the couch at 8:30pm thinking about eating. I go to bed at 10. There is NO REASON I couldn’t last 90 minutes. I ended up finishing the broccoli from dinner and had an apple. Obviously those were decent choices, but I was totally eating when I wasn’t hungry! After that I chewed some gum to stop from thinking about eating something else!

My week 2 started out pretty awful, but I managed to do okay the rest of the week. Although I did not meet my challenge goals, I did pretty well tracking and staying in control. I didn’t lose any weight this week, but I didn’t gain either!

Who’s with me? Do you struggle with mindless snacking too? Challenge yourself to improve!! Join our private Facebook Group where we can share our struggles and successes privately with each other!

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  1. It’s a challenge for sure! Overall, you are still doing great; don’t be too hard on yourself! Hugs!

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