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SmartOnes OatmealIf you’re pressed for time, the Smart Ones Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal is a great alternative to fast food! With 5g of fiber and 5g of protein, this is a choice you can feel good about. The package includes two individual servings of oatmeal. I will admit that when I ate this a couple days ago, I chose to eat both packages at once for 9 points+. I am used to my pumpkin pie oatmeal and my homemade instant oatmeal packets, which both seem to be a bigger serving that the Smart Ones oatmeal.

I love that the oatmeal is frozen because I can keep it on hand for those times when I need something at the last minute.  We’ve all had days where we were too busy to prep or plan, and having something on hand saves me from hitting the drive thru or grabbing a donut at work.

The oatmeal is made with steel cut whole grain oats and rolled oats which help make it more filling.  The package states that it includes 20 g of whole grains per serving!  It has 14 g of sugars and is sweetened with a combination of sugar, brown sugar, and sucralose.  I thought it was surprisingly creamy, and I enjoyed the apple pieces.  When I make my own apple cinnamon oatmeal, I definitely have MORE apple pieces, but this was still pretty good.  I didn’t really taste the nuts because there were just a few sprinkled on top.

Overall, I really enjoyed the oatmeal. I still prefer to eat my homemade oatmeal when I can, but this is a great option to keep on hand as a backup plan.

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  1. Thanks to Jimi, you are stocked up on your homemade oatmeal!

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