Small Victories

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celebrateWe talked about small victories last night at our Weight Watchers meeting.  We talked about how we should celebrate the small things instead of always beating ourselves up for the negative things.  Isn’t it much easier to find negative things to say to ourselves than positive things?  We say things to ourselves that we would NEVER say to a friend, and that needs to change.  Today I am celebrating my small victories!

Last night, I didn’t over eat.  We went out to dinner and I ordered something small because I wasn’t that hungry.  I had weekly points left that I didn’t use.  That’s a small victory for me because I didn’t eat for the wrong reasons. I used to have a feast Tuesday night with all my unused weekly points, and I’m finally changing that habit.

This morning, I ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes without stopping.  I could have said “It was only 15 minutes” or “It was only at speed 5.0.”  Instead, I am CHOOSING to think of it as a small victory! I DIDN’T STOP for 15 minutes! I got out of bed early, even after I didn’t get enough sleep.  I was running late but did it anyway.

The scale does not always reflect our efforts.  I know that I did really well this week, but my weigh in showed a gain of .2.  I had a big lunch and maybe more sodium than normal.  Who knows.  The point is… I am not letting the scale control my outlook. I know I am doing the right things.  If I didn’t celebrate my small victories and relied ONLY on the scale as my measure of success, I could have been crushed last night to see a gain when I expected a loss.  Instead, I just said “oh well, bigger loss next week when my body catches up.”  That’s a small victory too because it is really hard NOT to be ruled by that number on the scale.

Focus on treating yourself as you would treat a friend.  Celebrate every small change and every small victory.  It’s amazing what the power of positive thinking can do for your weight loss.  Remind yourself you CAN do it.  Remember that you are worth it. Be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how small.  Brag a little bit!!  What are YOUR small victories?


  1. You are such an inspiration! Well, to share my small victory, we went to Wilmington for the day. I declined seafood after your incident! Anyway, I knew I really wanted ice cream and was tempted to just blow the entire day. Instead I had a low point dinner and saved points for a scoop of ice cream. I just had it in a cup and turned down the waffle cones and just 1 scoop instead of my 2 heaping scoops. It was nice to feel in control, but not deprived.

  2. Author

    That’s fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why it’s so hard to remember. I know that I feel better staying in control, but it’s still a challenge. Anytime I go overboard, I regret it and feel like it wasn’t worth it anyway. I’m so proud of you! And having the ice cream will keep you from overdoing it later because you felt deprived. Way to go!

    I’m glad that I can be an inspiration. I still struggle, but it helps me to talk about it. I hope getting my blog up and running will keep me accountable too.

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