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Running Motivation Board

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Since I had been struggling with my motivation to run, I decided to create a motivation board to keep me going.  As you may know, I’ve already signed up (and paid) to run in the Rubber City Race Series.  I’ll be running an 8K (5 miles) in June, a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) in August, and about 5 miles on a relay team in September.  Obviously I need to be diligent with my training to be able to run those distances.

I used poster board and printed out pictures/info from the race website. I also cut out pictures and phrases from magazines.  I ended up making two smaller boards because that was the size of the poster board I already had at home.  🙂

The top board has key details about the three races that I’m running along with some motivational phrases and images.

Running Motivation Board 1

The bottom board has more motivating phrases and images along with a calendar to remind me of key milestones between now and race day.
Running Motivation Board 2

I hung the boards on the wall right next to my treadmill.  I have to admit seeing them while I’m running does help keep me going. Just Wednesday morning I glanced at it during my run and saw the “You Got This” and the “100% Awesome” and I said to myself “I am awesome. I can totally crush this run.”  
Running Motivation Boards

It sounds silly, but the positive reinforcement really helps!  It is so much easier to run with that attitude than if I’m thinking “How much longer?” or “This is so hard” etc. I started over with the C25K training plan to get me back in the habit of running on a regular basis.  Once I complete that, I will steadily increase the distance of my long runs on Saturdays.

What do you need motivation for? If it’s weight loss, you could make progress jars for a visual reminder. Whatever “it” is for you, try to find ways to motivate yourself to go after your dreams. Don’t write it off as being too hard. YOU CAN DO whatever you set your mind to!

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