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Recipe CalcDo you find it challenging to calculate nutrition stats when you are making a recipe with multiple servings?  It sounds simple in theory to just add up all the ingredients and divide by the number of servings, right?

But what if you are using more than one serving of each ingredient?  And what if you want to change the number of servings?  And what if you want to add a little more or less of something to adjust the nutrition stats to meet your needs?  I’m a numbers nerd.  I love math and spreadsheets.  Even for a numbers person, it can be daunting having to calculate and re-calculate.

I thought that if this process was a challenge for me, it might be a challenge for some of you too!  My Recipe Calculator spreadsheet does all the calculations for you.  You enter the ingredients, the serving size from the package, how many servings of the ingredient go into the recipe, the nutrition stats per serving of the ingredient, and how many servings you want to get out of the recipe.  Everything else calculates for you.  You can change the number of servings and instantly see the new nutrition stats per serving.  I love it.   🙂

(Please note that entering the number of servings per ingredient is required for any of the calculations to work.  If you are only using 1 serving of an ingredient, you must enter 1 in the Servings column.)

For my fellow WW members, Weight Watchers has an awesome feature called Recipe Builder on eTools.  It allows you to add all your ingredients and it will calculate your per serving value for you.  It is a great tool, and I have used it many times.

The issue I have with it is that sometimes the products I am using are not in the database.  I could use another brand or their “general” item that is an average of several brands, but that kind of stresses me out.  I prefer to have EXACT figures for what I am making.  I might buy a different brand or the nutrition stats could change and not be updated in the WW database yet.  It might not make THAT much difference in the grand scheme of things, but I just feel better about it doing the calculations myself.  I know, I have issues.   😛

Of course there is a feature to add my own products into their database, but I don’t always want to take the time to do that when I am ready to cook.  I just find using a spreadsheet easier.  Of course, if I use the same ingredients over and over, it might make sense to take the time to put those ingredients into the WW database…but I like my spreadsheets.  I told you I’m a nerd.  My point is that there is nothing wrong with that tool.  It’s a great resource.  I am just offering another resource in case you need it.

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