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PepperplateI use Pepperplate for my recipe storage, and I love it!  At the website, you can import recipes from popular recipe sites or manually enter your own recipe.  In addition to the website, there are apps for phones and tablets (both Android and iOS).  You can create and view recipes through the app.  Best of all, the service is completely FREE!
It was essential to me that I be able to share recipes back and forth between different operating systems.  The friend that I cook with the most uses iOS and I use Android.  I LOVE how quick and easy it is to share recipes with each other.

Pepperplate makes it easy to cook for one or many!  It allows you to easily scale your recipes if you want to make a half batch or a double/triple batch! I am good at math but I always end up forgetting to covert something when I’m trying to do it in my head while cooking.   🙂

I also LOVE that I always have my recipes available to me by using my phone app.  If I am at the store and can’t remember what I needed for a certain recipe, I can just look at the recipe right there in the store!

Many other apps come pre-loaded with recipes which I did not like.  It’s great for ideas, but I’d rather browse web sites for ideas and then only KEEP the recipes I want.  By adding all my own recipes, I don’t have to sift through a bunch of things to find what I like.  The only recipes I have in Pepperplate are recipes I use or plan to use.  You can mark certain recipes as favorites, put your recipes in categories, and even search for a recipe once your list gets too big.   🙂

Pepperplate allows you to add your own notes and you can add a photo.  Sometimes I’ll use the photo shown with the recipe and sometimes I add my own photo.  Some other recipe sites and apps are more restrictive. They will let you save the recipe, but it is saved exactly as written and doesn’t allow you to edit things or add notes.  This is important to me, especially because of following Weight Watchers. I often substitute lighter versions of certain ingredients to make my recipes more point friendly.  With Pepperplate, I can modify ingredients and instructions to meet my own specific needs.

Pepperplate also allows you to create menus, plan meals, and create shopping lists!!  I’m using it mainly for recipes right now, but it’s great to know there are so many other features available when I’m ready to use them!

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