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Last year I wrote a post about Pepperplate and why I love it for my online recipe storage. I just discovered that I love it even more now!!  Now you can import recipes from my site directly into your Pepperplate account!!

Last week I had to switch over to a new system for displaying my recipes. This is behind the scenes technical stuff, but it was a big process converting all my recipes. Thankfully I don’t have that many posted yet.   😀  Anyway, it was a hassle, but it was so worth it!   I am not listed on their page of supported sites, but it works!  You just click the “bookmarklet” button and it will import the recipe data into your Pepperplate account!  This post is long, but it walks you through getting started and using Pepperplate!

The first thing you need to do is get the Pepperplate Bookmarklet.  What’s a bookmarklet?  Odd name, right? I had never heard the term before I saw it on Pepperplate.  It is just a “small software application stored as a bookmark in a web browser.”  Essentially, it is just a shortcut to perform a specific task.  In this case, it imports my recipe into your Pepperplate account with the click of a button.

If you don’t have a Pepperplate account, you should sign up for one first.  It is completely free!  Once you have an account, you can view any saved recipes in a web browser or on your phone or tablet!!  From the Pepperplate home page, click the JOIN button:

Pepperplate _Home to Join

Complete the form and click the Join button at the bottom (or Join with FaceBook if you prefer).

Pepperplate _Join1

Once you have joined, you are brought to your “recipe list” page (which is blank for now of course).  On this page, there is a link to “get the Pepperplate Bookmarklet.”

Pepperplate _Join2

If you join but decide not to install the bookmarklet yet, you can always get back to the link when you are on your recipe list page.

Pepperplate _Join3

Pepperplate Bookmarklet 1


If you do not see the link to get the bookmarklet, just click here to go straight to the bookmarklet page.  Once you are on the bookmarklet page, you just click and drag the “ADD TO PEPPERPLATE” bookmarklet button to your bookmarks bar.  (I use Google Chrome, so things may look a little different for you if you use another browser.  If you scroll down the page, there are instructions for various browsers.)

Pepperplate Bookmarklet 2

Here is a snippet of the instructions.  Please see the full instructions on the Pepperplate Bookmarklet page!

Pepperplate Bookmarklet 3

That’s it! Now that you have the button, it’s time to start adding recipes.  This is the fun part.  Go to your favorite recipe post from my site and click the “Add to Pepperplate” button to transfer the key recipe information into your Pepperplate account.  PLEASE NOTE that this doesn’t work from the home page!  You need to be viewing a specific recipe/post in order for the data to transfer properly!

Pepperplate Bookmarklet 4

After you click the “Add to Pepperplate” button, a new window pops up for you to login to your Pepperplate account.  Enter your login information and click the “Submit” button.

Pepperplate Bookmarklet 5

You should get a message that says “Recipe successfully added!”  Yay!! You just imported your first recipe into your Pepperplate account!  You can click the link “View this recipe in Pepperplate” to be taken directly to this recipe in your Pepperplate account.

Pepperplate Bookmarklet 6


Here is the recipe shown in Pepperplate.  You can edit recipe details by clicking any of the blue pencil icons.  Importing the recipe will import the photo, recipe title, number of servings, recipe time, ingredients, and instructions.  It does not import the recipe description, notes, or nutrition information.  If you want these details, be sure to manually copy & paste that info in your recipe.

Pepperplate Bookmarklet 7
Once you have the recipe saved in Pepperplate, you can pretty much modify anything you want!  You can add a description (or copy mine), add notes (at the bottom), and even upload your own photo if you prefer.   You can also assign categories to your recipes, which I LOVE.  I like things to be organized, and this suits me well.  I have multiple categories (similar to post tags or hashtags) assigned to each recipe so I can sort them in a variety of ways.

Pepperplate Categories

You can see that I have this recipe assigned to 7 different categories!  This makes it SO easy to find what you are looking for.  I might need to look for just a specific points+ value, or I might want to view only casserole recipes.  I love the flexibility of having multiple categories assigned to each recipe!!  My categories are not imported with the recipe, so you can assign them to your own categories!

To view recipes for a specific category (or multiple categories), first go to your recipe list.

Pepperplate Recipe List

From the recipe list, click the link called “CATEGORIES” to view a drop down list of all the categories you have created.

Pepperplate Categories2

From the list, simply check the boxes for the categories you want to view, and a list of recipes in that category will display.  To clear the category and view all of your recipes again, you can simply click the “recipe list” link.

When you are viewing a specific recipe, there are some pretty cool things you can do too.  In the sidebar to the right of your recipe, you can add the recipe to your shopping list or mark it as a favorite.  Marking recipes as favorites is another way to sort them (in addition to categories).  This would allow you to view all recipes marked as a favorite, regardless of the category they are assigned to.

You can also print or share the recipe.  I love the sharing feature!  I have used this to share recipes with friends and family many times!!! You can share via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter.  I have used the e-mail option most often.  When you share a recipe via e-mail, all you need to do is enter the e-mail address to send it to.  You can add your own message also if you want to explain anything to the recipient.

The e-mail will be sent from Pepperplate (not from you), so you might want to let the person know to watch for it, so they don’t think it’s spam!   😉   The recipient doesn’t have to have a Pepperplate account to view the basic recipe (ingredients & instructions).  That information is included in the e-mail.  The e-mail will look like this:

Share via email1

The recipient just clicks the link in the e-mail to view the recipe on Pepperplate.  This opens a browser and displays the basic recipe.

Share via email2

If the person you are sharing with has a Pepperplate account, all they have to do is click the link “Add this Recipe” to save the recipe to their account!  Once they do that, a message will display that the recipe has been added to their account.  EASY PEASY!!!

Share via email3

In addition to sharing the recipe with others, Pepperplate gives you an easy link back to the original recipe.  Just under the “Share” option is an option to “View Original Recipe.”   This will take you back to the original recipe if you need to see more details from the author.  In my case, going back to the original post may provide step by step photos and explain certain steps in greater detail.

The other awesome feature in Pepperplate is the option to scale the recipe.  This is in the right sidebar as well.  If you want to make a larger or smaller batch, the ingredients will automatically be adjusted for you! If you want to double the recipe, just click the number 2.  If you want to cook 1/2 the recipe, click the 1/2!   This is an AWESOME feature to use before you go shopping!

Sidebar enlarged

Sidebar enlarged

PLEASE NOTE that scaling only changes the first quantity!  If I have a recipe that calls for 16 oz of meat, I might write it as: 16 oz (1 lb).  When this is doubled, it displays as 32 oz (1 lb) instead of showing 32 oz (2 lb) because it sees the (1 lb) notation as part of the ingredient name.  This is not a huge issue for me because I would prefer to have my hints, but it can be confusing when you are in the middle of cooking.  If you don’t like this, feel free to tweak the ingredients to remove the hints.

I have not used the shopping list and meal planner much yet because I already had other solutions in place for these things.  I may explore these features in the future.  If you use these features, please comment and let me know what you think of them!!

I should also mention that the Pepperplate bookmarklet will work on multiple sites across the web, not just mine.  If you are at a site that is not formatted to allow it to import automatically, you can still manually copy & paste the recipe details into the Pepperplate window that opens for you.

I didn’t intend for this post to be so long, but I just felt like I shouldn’t tell you that you COULD save recipes without showing you HOW to do it.  I hope you love Pepperplate as much as I do!!


  1. You are good! Pepper plate should give you a commission!

  2. This looks awesome! Just today I was lamenting about trying to find a recipe amongst my mess of a recipe cabinet, saying I wished I had something digital to store them all in. What about figuring out Pointsplus values? Do you use the recipe bulder/kitchen companion too? I’m debating which way to go…not sure I want to enter all my recipes twice…

    1. Author

      I totally get what you mean about not wanting to enter all your recipes twice. I didn’t use eTools for a long time when I first started, so I didn’t have any recipes saved in there anyway. As for the PointsPlus values, I am a little anal in that regard. I always calculate my recipes based on my labels and rarely used the recipe builder just because I was never sure if it was the EXACT product I was using. I know it is probably overkill and I am working on being okay with “close enough.” 🙂 I do have a spreadsheet that I use just for the calculating portion. You can find it here:

  3. Author

    And not to make your decision more difficult, but I just started using a new tool. They were having a sale on Black Friday so I couldn’t resist trying it out!

    It is a website called Plan To Eat. The meal planning and freezer meals feature is what REALLY drew me in. The site will also make you a shopping list based on your meal plan. It’s amazing. I am still getting all my recipes set up so that I can use the meal planning feature, but I am super excited to start using it. I love being able to share recipes back and forth with my friends.

    It costs $5 a month, but I think it will be worth it because I think it will save me tons of time and energy after the initial set up and learning curve! You can even try it for a month for FREE to see if you like it before you commit to paying. They also don’t make you sign up to auto renew, which I love. I hate signing up for something that I know will be a hassle to cancel if I change my mind.

    I do get a small commission if you sign up using my referral link, but I wouldn’t recommend it just for that. I really think they have an awesome service!

    If you are a member (or if you join), please send me a friend request! My username is notreallyhungry. This will give you access to all my recipes and allow me to see your public recipes.

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