Night Glow 5K

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Tonight I ran the Jackson Night Glow 5K. It was a well organized race and our race bibs even had our names on them!  I was decked out with glow sticks everywhere…necklace, bracelets, and even on my shoes! It was a fun atmosphere and two of my C25K trainees (Laurie & Faith) were running their first race!!

I am slightly disappointed in my time of 28:50 (just because I know I can do better), but I am learning that all courses are not created equal! I can’t expect to run the same pace in completely different conditions. Each race is so different. This course was a little more hilly than some and running at night is a totally different experience. I started running at 9:30pm! I would normally be curled up on the couch at that time of night!

I’m also remembering that summer races are way different too! I can’t believe what a difference humidity plays. I don’t really like cold weather but when I run in heat and humidity, I wish for 50 degree temps.  So I guess I need to get re-conditioned for the summer season.

My other big struggle is controlling my pace. I start out thinking I need to push myself and see what I can do, but then I realize I can’t maintain that pace for three miles! My first mile was around 8 minutes which is really fast for me! My average pace is 9:30-10 minutes per mile. So I forced myself to slow down on mile 2 but I only slowed to 9:30. I tried to pick it up again in mile 3 but my legs were tired by that time.  If I could have just run a 9 minute mile all three miles, my overall time would have been faster!  I know this!  I taught my C25K trainees to run slow and steady, but then I didn’t heed my own advice! This is the second race in a row that I have done this.

It just goes to show that each race is another learning experience.  Just like they say at WW – it’s feedback, not failure!!  Just keep going and try to do your best.  Learn from your mistakes and try to improve next time around. But just keep running!

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