My First 5K!

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I finished my C25K training plan at the end of June 2010.  I wanted to run a race as soon as possible after completing my training, but I didn’t know of any races.  Being brand new to running, I didn’t even know how to find upcoming races.  I just did an online search for 5Ks in the Akron area.  I stumbled upon one in my own backyard!  My first 5K was in the Goodyear Metro park just a few miles from my home, so I thought that would be perfect.

SO, I registered and was all excited…until I found out there was a huge hill involved. I told myself it didn’t matter and that I would complete the race even if I was in last place!

The time between the end of my C25K plan and my first race has been tough.  I’ve been having a really hard time knowing how far I should be running each day and what I should be doing to keep myself motivated.  The training plan really kept me focused and after that I was done, I felt like I was flailing a little bit.   Having the race scheduled is my only saving grace!  I highly recommend REGISTERING for your first race as soon as you commit.  Pay the money and tell the world…this way you won’t back out!

My first 5K is Saturday, August 7, 2010.  It is the Matt Kauffman 5K sponsored by St. Vincent St. Mary’s cross country team.  I have no affiliation to this school, and I only picked this race because it was in Akron near my home.  I’m nervous and excited to participate in an official event!

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