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I hit a major milestone tonight! As of tonight’s weigh in, I have lost 25 pounds!  It has been about 3 months since I started.  I have started trying new foods and experimenting with new ways of preparing foods I already eat.

I’ve also been very diligent with my tracking because it helps me stay in control and allows me the flexibility I need to enjoy my life.  I know it sounds contradictory that tracking gives me flexibility because it sounds so cumbersome to a lot of people.  In truth, though, tracking everything shows me how many points I have left for my treats.  The treats make it livable and something I feel like I can stick with!  I also feel confident that I will keep losing by tracking and making sure I am staying within my points. I don’t have to hope I did well enough or get nervous about a weigh in.  I am excited to weigh in to see how much I’ve lost each week!

I heard a quote recently that is very fitting: Would you rather EAT anything you want or WEAR anything you want?  I’d much rather wear anything I want, but I also feel like I can eat anything I want if I plan for it.  Once you start planning for your treats,  you become much more selective in how you spend your points!  🙂

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