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Not Really Hungry had a makeover!

You may have noticed that the site was down all weekend. I completely redesigned the look of the site, hopefully to make it easier to use.  Check out the new menu and you might see info that was buried before!

It was a much bigger challenge than I expected it to be.  I think I earned a few gray hairs while I was busy pulling my hair out!!  I worked on it ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday and most of the evening Monday.  I finally had to accept that it was good enough for now.

Some things may look funky for a bit while I learn all the little differences in the new theme.  Thanks for your understanding. If you see anything that looks crazy or find any links that don’t work, PLEASE let me know!

The calm and centered state that I mentioned in my last post is long gone. Hopefully I can get it back in the next few days.   🙂


  1. Love the new format; good job! I am intrigued with the Quest bars, might have to try them, the cinnamon bun sounds good!

    1. Author

      Thanks! I like it too, but there are a lot of growing pains. 🙂 I really like Quest bars! I would worry about how they would affect you. You can try one of mine before you decide to buy.

  2. I thought of that, because of the amount of protein. That alone leaves out a lot of food choices for me. 🙁

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