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I am sorry that I have not posted much lately.  I have been struggling  on my weight loss journey, and I did not want to spread negativity.   It finally occurred to me that you might benefit from hearing  my struggles. 

Ya see, I haven’t been losing much since Thanksgiving.  I’ve been hovering around the same 5 pounds all this time.  After doing so well and being able to proudly report my losses week after week, I guess I got a little too proud.  I started feeling like a failure for not steadily losing.  I KNOW BETTER!  I tell other people all the time that any change is progress and we should aim for progress, not perfection.  It’s so hard to take my own advice!  I have come so far and there is no shame in struggling. 

I want to be a source of  inspiration and I somehow felt like I was letting everyone down  by not doing so well lately.   I am hoping that my problems  can demonstrate that no one is perfect  when it comes to weight loss.  I have lost a significant amount  of weight but I still have my own struggles.  By not reaching out,  I only made things worse. 

I am feeling back in control.  It is a great feeling.  I don’t need food as a comfort or  distraction…at least not nearly as much as I did before.    I apologize for not being here for those of you who actually read this blog.  I will try to be more active again!

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