Green YMCA 10K

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I survived my first 10K but I feel out of shape.  I need to get back to more serious training!!  

I ran 13.1 miles just six weeks ago…so what did 6.2 feel so hard?  I finished in 1 hour and 5 minutes, so it was about 10:30 per mile.  That’s the pace I ran in the half marathon.  I expected to go faster with a shorter run.

This run was also part of the Ohio Challenge Series, so I expected it to be a great course.  I wasn’t a fan of having to run two laps of the same course.  It is TOUGH to see the finish line and then keep right on going to run another 3.1 miles.  My head wasn’t in it or something.  It felt harder than it should have.  BUT I DID IT.  10K DONE!

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