Fruit for Dessert

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I’ve had an epiphany.  It’s really pretty basic but it just finally clicked with me.  Fruit is sweet, so why not have that for dessert instead of a mini candy bar or several pieces of candy? 

I never would have made that choice in the past.  On the old WW plan, it would have cost me one point to have an apple or one point to have a WW mini bar that tasted like a mini candy bar.  Um, hello? What would you choose?  

On the new WW plan, fruit is 0 points.  Yes, you heard that correctly!  The mini bars that I used to love are now 2 points.  Obviously if I’m trying to use my points wisely, I will now choose that 0 point fruit over a 2 point mini candy bar.  But guess what?!  There are other reasons to do it and I should have been doing it all along!

Aside from the points savings, I am also much FULLER and satisfied LONGER when I opt for the fruit over the candy.  In fact, because fruit is filling, I usually can’t eat it if I’m already full.  However, I can always make room for candy.  That’s not good.  Plus, fruit is actually good for you.  I’m pretty sure there is nothing in that mini candy bar that will provide good nutrition for my body.  I have always known that but honestly that wasn’t my top priority in the past.  I wanted to lose weight and still have my treats, even if they weren’t the healthiest option.  I told myself that at least I was doing better than I used to.  While that’s true, it’s still not the best attitude for long term success.  It’s still justifying my choices because deep down I knew they weren’t the right choices.

I almost always crave sweets after my meal.  It doesn’t matter how satisfied or full I am from my meal. I still crave sweets.  The other day I had a red pear as part of my lunch.  I ate it at the end of my meal, so I guess it was like my dessert even though I didn’t think of it that way at the time.  I was just thinking that I wouldn’t be able to eat it at my desk because it would be too juicy and messy.  Anyway, I didn’t plan for it to be my dessert, but a funny thing happened.  I came back to work and I wasn’t craving sweets.  I wasn’t looking for a piece of candy or gum.  I wasn’t rummaging through my drawer hoping to find a mini candy bar.  I just came back to work and went about my day with no real thought of dessert.  AMAZING!  What a happy accident. 

It just hit me today out of nowhere when I came back from lunch totally craving something.  I was FULL from my lunch.  I wasn’t just satisfied. I was FULL and almost uncomfortable.  There was NO reason in the world that I should have wanted to eat something else, but my body wanted something sweet!  I know I didn’t “need” anything, but I allowed myself a 1 point candy cane.  I broke it up in pieces and made it last awhile and I didn’t feel guilty about it.  I counted it and worked it in my plan.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but next time I might PLAN a fruit for dessert so this doesn’t happen!  What a good lesson to have learned!

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