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Goals February ReviewWhere did January go? I cannot believe it is February already! Since it is a new month, it’s a great time to review my 2015 goals to see what might need more attention.

What am I doing well?  What do I still need to work on?

GOAL # 1 – Reach goal weight of 145.
Of course this didn’t happen in one month, but I take steps each and every day to work towards it.

GOAL # 2 – Attend Weight Watchers meetings AND weigh in EVERY WEEK.
So far, so good! I haven’t missed a meeting yet. They help me SO much, whether I am struggling or succeeding.

GOAL # 3 – Run 3 times per week.
I am struggling with this one! I did run once last week, but I have not been consistent. There is no magic formula for this. I just need to do it. I need to get in bed on time and commit to running in the morning.

I am working on a running motivation board to hang by my treadmill that I hope will keep up my enthusiasm. I think I’ve let my fear of failure or my disappointment of starting over hold me back. I need to quit thinking about it and just do it! It worked before when I followed the C25K plan, so there is NO reason it won’t work for me again!

GOAL # 4 – Stop eating while watching TV.
Oh boy.  This is a tough one.  I haven’t made much progress with this one. We watch significantly less TV than we used to, and it seems like I always end up multi-tasking and having my snack while I watch a show with my hubby. I rationalize that I don’t want to stay up later by doing them separately, but that’s kind of ridiculous. How long does it take me to eat a mini bar that is only about 3 bites? I will have to focus on this more in February.

GOAL # 5 – Practice moderation.
I thought I was doing well with this in January, but just this week I was struggling with not starting over immediately after I went off my plan. This one will take time, but I’m going to keep working at it. The more I practice this behavior, the more it will become habit.

GOAL # 6 – Run all three races of the Rubber City Race Series.
This goal will not officially be accomplished until September, but I took the first step! I registered for all 3 events! This SHOULD give me big motivation for goal #3 because I have to train to be able to run in these events!  I plan to Get Thirsty, Burn Rubber, and Dream Blue!!

I’m glad I took the time to reflect on my goals, because it’s not as bad as I thought. I was getting hung up on the things that I’m not doing well with and forgetting that I am doing well with other things. I am making progress and that’s all that matters!!

How are your 2015 goals going? Take time to reflect this week. You might be surprised like I was.   🙂


  1. I found out, if I am doing something with my hands while watching TV, I am less likely to eat. I now work puzzles on my tablet while I watch TV. The “puzzleboss” puzzles are the best ones I have tried….and, they have a lot of free ones. Just a thought!

    1. Author

      That’s a good thought! I have done that before but have gotten away from it… might be time to bring it back!

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