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What is an epidemic? Wikipedia says an epidemic is “when new cases of a certain disease in a given human population and during a given period substantially exceed what is expected based on recent experience.” We have all heard that our country is facing or already living with an obesity epidemic. So clearly our obesity rate has “exceeded what is expected.” That’s kind of depressing isn’t it? That’s not really an area where anyone would want to exceed expectations!

So what’s happening? Who is to blame? Obviously there’s something happening in our country when so many Americans struggle with being overweight. We have made things so convenient through the yearsmaybe too convenient! We have drive thrus for fast food, soda and beer, banks, and even pharmacies. We can do plenty of errands without even taking one step! This has to change.

easyfeetI saw a product at the store the other day that really struck a nerve. It’s called Easy Feet. It allows you to wash your feet without even bending over.

Really?! Are we THAT lazy that we can’t even bend over in the shower now?

Now I understand there may be some medical needs for a product like this, but it is totally being marketed as a convenience item with no more bending! 

How crazy is that? Now I’m not saying this product contributes to obesity, but it does demonstrate my point that we continue to look for more and more ways to make life “convenient” while at the same time allowing us to get more lazy!

Sonow for my amazing solutionI don’t have one. I do think awareness is a huge step in the right direction. Unfortunately, change is not fast. It has to start with each individual. You can start by making a solid effort to be more active in your daily life. Take the stairs. Park far away from the entrance. Don’t wait until your next trip to take something upstairs. Get up during commercials. Walk in place while talking on the phone. You get the point. Do what you can when you can. Don’t be complacent! Let’s turn this epidemic around.

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