Dressing Downer

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Seriously, what is the deal with salad dressings?  Who came up with the idea to take fresh, healthy vegetables and coat them in fat sauce?  And we (as a culture) get so used to it, that we don’t even realize it.  We think we are eating healthy because we ordered salad instead of a burger.  Often times, the burger may have been fewer calories.  Now that’s just crazy.  I had a perfect example of this insanity today at lunch.

Look at my yummy soup and salad and bread.  See the tiny little cup of dressing?  It is raspberry vinaigrette, which sounds healthy right?  I’m so glad I looked it up because that dinky little cup of dressing has more calories than everything else COMBINED!  I could have my entire meal for less calories than the salad dressing.  WHY would that seem to make sense to a restaurant?  UGH!!   The bottom line is that you cannot assume anything.  Things that look like a smart choice often aren’t!

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