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I believe a huge part of my success has been my absolute commitment to my weekly WW meetings.   It is not an option to miss.  If  someone asks me to do something, it has to be after my meeting.  It is just like a work meeting…I have to be there.  I have gone in blizzards. I have gone on my birthday. I have gone when I didn’t really feel like it, but I have always gone.  Until now.  

My favorite meeting is Tuesday nights, and I have really grown to like the people in my group.  I look forward to hearing about their weeks. I look forward to celebrating with them and encouraging them, as they do me.  It’s comforting to see familiar faces each week.

The issue is that the trail running series events are held on Tuesday nights.  There are no alternate days.  You go on Tuesday or you don’t participate. So what do I do?  Skip my meetings for the month of October?  Nope!  I used the WW website to find other meetings during the week with the same leader.  My leader is my rock, and I feel like being at HER specific meeting is important for me too. So, for the month of October, I went to Wednesday meetings at a different location.  I didn’t know where the location was, but I found it.  I didn’t know the other members, but they made me feel welcome.  It was not as convenient, but I didn’t care.

I know we are all busy and  you may feel like you can’t find the time to go every week.  It’s all about priorities.  Are you making yourself and your health a priority?  I made a COMMITMENT to myself to go EVERY WEEK.  I’m fortunate that there are meetings somewhere every day of the week (within 20-30 minutes of my home).  I used to think I was being selfish, but then I realized that I was just doing what I needed to do to keep being successful.  We MUST take care of ourselves before we can take care of others.

What commitment have you made to yourself on your weight loss journey?  How are you sticking to it?  How has it helped you?

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