New Record

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I hit a new record tonight … My total weight loss is 91.2 pounds!!!

Holiday Weight…

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I had a rough holiday season with eating this year.  I gained almost 10 pounds. I know that is common, but not for a WW member and now employee!  I was just out of control. There’s no other way to describe it. I wasn’t tracking, and I was eating junk that I would never eat.  I don’t know what my problem was, but I am back on track now. I’ve lost the past 6 weeks …

WW Leader Training

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I go out of town this weekend to train to be a meeting leader for Weight Watchers!  I am nervous but excited. I feel like I’ll be able to help so many more people this way.  I want to help others realize they can do it to.  They can lose the weight and reach their goals. They can change their lives.  If I could do it, anyone can do it!

Progress Photo

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I am over my WW goal in this picture, but it’s a good reminder that I’m still looking and feeling so much better than before I started!  I am getting ready to attend my first Weight Watchers employee awards banquet!! 164.0 ~ 81.8 pounds lost

Wedding Rings

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I am finally having my wedding and engagement rings sized.  I cannot believe it!!  My ring size is going from 9-1/4 to 6-1/2!!!  No wonder the rings were falling off!

Trying to Maintain

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I’m not quite sure I have maintenance down yet. I think this will be a learning experience for me also. I relax a bit and gain for a week or two and then I buckle down and lose it again. I feel like instead of maintaining, I am just gaining and losing the same weight over and over.

Weight Watchers Awards

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It may seem silly, but the milestone awards at Weight Watchers are SO motivating! Every 5 pound sticker I earned was so exciting!  Here are a couple pictures of my major milestone awards: Even if you do not attend meetings, it’s a great idea to reward yourself along the way.  You work for every pound, so you should celebrate every pound!


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Why is it so hard to watch TV without eating?  Grrr….makes me so mad.  I’m watching the Biggest Loser and thinking about food.  I know that is how I ended up at 245 pounds, so I know better.  Logically, there is no reason I should need to eat.  But emotionally, I still have the impulse to do it! 

Not Again

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Cancer sucks. My dad’s cancer is back in the liver.  Not “as bad” as last time but it’s still back which means more chemo.  I’m so angry at this disease!!!   I don’t know much yet.  He starts chemo in a couple weeks.  I know he will beat it just like last time but I’m sad that his first months of retirement will be spent sick from chemo.

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Shot in the Arm Video

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I was asked to share my weight loss story at a motivational event for Weight Watchers.  I was SO nervous.  Thankfully my hubby thought to record it for me.  The quality isn’t that great, but at least we have it documented! Turn up your volume because the audio is not very loud.   🙂

New Goal

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I’ve decided to change my weight goal for WW.  I’ve been struggling with this decision since November, and I have finally decided enough is enough.  I’ve been wanting to apply for a part-time job working for WW so that I can help others hit their weight loss goals too!  Well, you have to be a Lifetime Member in order to apply.  Did you know that as a lifetime member, you can also attend meetings for …