Non-Scale Victory!

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Today I had a new personal achievement.  I got up early and walked/jogged before work! I can only jog about two blocks, but it is a start!  I am NOT a morning person, but I figure if I do it early enough, no one else will see me TRYING to run and huffing and puffing like a crazy person! 🙂   What are your new achievements?  No matter how small they may seem, we need …

Walk It Training

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Walked over 3 miles today!   Guess I’m ready for my 5K walk it challenge in June! (These aren’t my shoes, but they are pretty sweet, right?!)

Birthday Party Blues

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My husband’s grandma turns 80 today and there is a huge party with tons of food. Why do parties have to involve food? I know we NEED to eat, but it seems like big parties with buffets always become about the food and not about the occasion.  Most people do not bring healthy food to parties either!  Hope I can stay on track!

Morning Workout?!

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Wow…I actually got up the FIRST time my alarm went off. Amazing! And I burned 269 calories on DDR! I can’t believe this is me….getting up EARLY for a WORKOUT?  If you know me, you know that I don’t even like to wake up 5 minutes earlier than I have to, but I’ve done it.   What change have you made in your life that is making a difference in your weight loss?  Share it …

Dance for Fitness!

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I haven’t totally embraced working out yet, but I did want to do something to burn more calories.  I’m not a good dancer. I don’t enjoy dancing because I feel silly and uncomfortable doing it. However, I can play a video game that is about dancing because there are exact steps to follow and it is very structured. I like structure.  So, I’ve been playing Dance Dance Revolution on my husband’s XBOX.  I feel like …