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Site Map Announcement

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Not Really Hungry now has a site map!  It can sometimes be challenging to figure out where things are, and it’s not always easy to use a big menu if you are on your phone.  The site map is just a list of links to take you to the different areas of the site.  Here’s a preview of what it looks like: It’s not frilly, but it’s functional!   🙂   The link to the …


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Not Really Hungry had a makeover! You may have noticed that the site was down all weekend. I completely redesigned the look of the site, hopefully to make it easier to use.  Check out the new menu and you might see info that was buried before! It was a much bigger challenge than I expected it to be.  I think I earned a few gray hairs while I was busy pulling my hair out!!  I …

Teavana FREE SHIPPING Weekend

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In case you don’t know, I am IN LOVE with Teavana. I recently started learning about tea and have been using tea to help me avoid eating when I’m not really hungry.  Teavana is BY FAR the most awesome tea I’ve tried. I just found out that they are offering FREE SHIPPING all weekend. If you have been wanting to try something, now is your chance!! This offer is valid 1/23/15 – 1/25/15 on the entire …

Flirty Aprons Sale!

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I just found out today that there is a sale at Flirty Aprons on their holiday styles now through the 19th! They have 4 cute holiday styles for only $7.95 or $9.95!  If you are looking for an apron, check out this site!  I spent a lot of time searching for cute aprons when I started cooking.

Trek Desk

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A couple months ago I posted about the treadmill desk that my husband built for me. He thought it was simple to build, but there is no way I would have known what to do on my own. I suspect that most people wouldn’t know how to create their own treadmill desk.  I recently found a site called TrekDesk that is selling adjustable desks designed to fit any treadmill.  

Pepperplate Love

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Last year I wrote a post about Pepperplate and why I love it for my online recipe storage. I just discovered that I love it even more now!!  Now you can import recipes from my site directly into your Pepperplate account!! Last week I had to switch over to a new system for displaying my recipes. This is behind the scenes technical stuff, but it was a big process converting all my recipes. Thankfully I …

PSA: ZipList is Shutting Down!

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ZipList is shutting down!  ACT NOW TO SAVE YOUR RECIPE BOX!  I have posted a couple times about using ZipList to save/store recipes online.  They announced recently that they are shutting down on December 10, 2014!  This also means your recipe box will not longer be available.  

Meal Measure

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I learned about Meal Measure from a Weight Watchers newsletter as well. This is an inexpensive and easy way to control your portions without getting out the measuring cups!

Precise Portions

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I just learned about this site from my Weight Watchers newsletter.  Thanks WW!  Precise Portions sells portion control plates, bowls, and glasses – for home and on the go.  They even have compostable options!   The site also has educational information about nutrition and weight management.  It looks amazing! Check it out and let me know what you think if you have used any of their products!   🙂

The Yummy Life

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I found The Yummy Life through Pinterest, and I was intrigued by the Refrigerator Oatmeal recipes.  There are tons of healthy and fun recipes. It is definitely worth a look!


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UPDATE – ZIPLIST IS ENDING ON DECEMBER 10, 2014.  TRY EPICURIOUS INSTEAD! ZipList is an awesome FREE service that allows your to save recipes from across the web to one place! You can also add recipe ingredients or other items to grocery shopping lists. They also offer mobile apps to use on the go!  I use the Android app, and it’s pretty and easy to use!  The only thing you need to sign-up for ZipList …

Emily Bites

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Emily Bites is an awesome resource for healthy recipes! She includes points plus values for us Weight Watcher members too!  I especially love her lasagna cupcakes and white lasagna cupcakes.  I have tweaked these recipes and made them many times!

Organize Yourself Skinny

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Organize Yourself Skinny is a wonderful resource for meal planning and freezer cooking.  I’ve followed a lot of her advice and tried many of her recipes.  Also, I love anything that has to do with organizing anything.


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I use Pepperplate for my recipe storage, and I love it!  At the website, you can import recipes from popular recipe sites or manually enter your own recipe.  In addition to the website, there are apps for phones and tablets (both Android and iOS).  You can create and view recipes through the app.  Best of all, the service is completely FREE! It was essential to me that I be able to share recipes back and …

One More Mile

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One More Mile sells some of the best running shirts and accessories out there! I fell in love with them before my first half marathon, and I want to buy one of everything!