C25K W8D2

C25K W8D2

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I FINALLY completed another C25K run this morning. It’s been an entire week since I ran last. I’ve just been letting other things get in the way, and letting my brain run wild with the excuses. The more I talked about the lack of running, the more frustrated I was getting with myself.

C25K W8D2

I feel awesome after running. It feels great to know that I accomplished something and it helps me feel more confident about my weight loss because of burning extra calories.

Knowing that it makes me feel awesome, why is it so easy to slack off? When I get stressed or overwhelmed, exercise is the first thing that gets skipped. That can’t keep happening. I need it to be a priority just as much as my meals!

  • Couch to 5K Week 8 Day 2
  • Walk 5 minutes to warm up
  • Run 28 minutes
  • Walk 5 minutes to cool down

I ran on the treadmill this morning before work.  I tried to get engrossed in the videos I was watching so I didn’t think about how long I had left.   🙂   I ran at a speed of 5.0 (12 min/mile) for the first 14 minutes and then slowed down to a speed of 4.5 (13:20 min/mile) for the last 14 minutes. My walking was at a speed of 3.0 like usual.

My legs felt great, and my breathing felt pretty good too.  My heart rate was a little higher than normal, but I didn’t feel like I was dying or anything.  I kept reminding myself that even though it was a challenge, it wasn’t any harder on minute 15 than it was on minute 1.  Therefore, there was no reason to quit early!

I’m planning to run Thursday morning before work and Saturday morning outside with friends – yay!

Have you scheduled your activity for this week? Set small goals and crush them! 🙂

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