But it’s BORING!

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We are master excuse makers when it comes to working out, aren’t we?  We can find ANY reason under the sun NOT to work out.  The funny thing for me was that once I committed to moving more and being active, those reasons I used to have really weren’t problems anymore.  You just have to choose to do it.  I know it is not easy, but it is simple.  Once you choose to make a life change and truly commit to it, being active is not as boring as it used to be.  In fact, you can even find ways to make it fun!

So where do you start?  That may be different for everyone.  As I mentioned before, the most important thing is just to move more than you are currently moving. 

I started losing weight by controlling my food alone.  Trying to stick to my eating plan AND working out was just too much for me to tackle at once.  So, I slowly changed my eating habits and then added activity slowly after 2-3 months.  That may not be the “recommended” way to do it, but it was less overwhelming for me that way.  

I found exercise DVDs really boring and would never do them more than once.  Then I found Dance Dance Revolution…a video game for my husband’s X-Box!   There’s a mat that you lay on the floor that plugs into the game console.  The mat has arrows in all four directions, and you start out standing in the middle of the mat.  You can see a picture of it here.  Music plays and then you dance by trying to step on the right arrows at the right time by following the arrows on the screen.  I found it to be a lot of fun and I would forget that I was actually burning calories while doing it.  Eventually I started paying more attention to the calorie burning aspect but initially I was just stepping/dancing away the pounds!   Truth be told, I’m a terrible dancer.  This probably looked more like glorified awkward step aerobics but who cares?!  I was in the privacy of my own home and I was doing SOMETHING!  I was even getting up in the mornings before work to do it!

The bottom line is that not everyone likes the same activities.  What is fun to me may not be fun to you, and that’s okay.  But you need to keep trying new things until you find something that you like or can at least tolerate!  This will require you to step outside your comfort zone.  None of us like change and doing things we don’t really know how to do, but without change we cannot grow!  There’s nothing stopping you but your own self doubts.  Stop telling yourself all the negative things and start cheering yourself on.  You CAN do it.  You ARE capable and you ARE worth it.

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